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Greatest Texas Rangers Sluggers of All-Time

Updated on August 19, 2008

Juan Gonzalez

Frank Howard

Ruben Sierra


The Rangers moved to Texas in 1972 and have played there (in the Dallas area.) since. Before that, the team was based in Washington D.C. and was known as the Washington Senators, an expansion franchise that began play in 1961. The Rangers/Senators have fielded some great sluggers over the years, and what follows is a Top 10 in the team's history for home runs:

Juan Gonzalez (372)-Slugger Juan Gonzalez was one of the game's great home run hitters during the 1990's, winning the AL MVP Award twice. Gonzalez played for Texas from 1989 to 1999 and then again in 2002 and 2003. He leads the franchise all-time with 372 home runs, and that number probably won't be matched any time soon. Gonzalez hit more than 40 home runs five times in the ‘90's, and he had a career best 47 home runs in 1996. But his best overall season was 1998, when Gonzalez hit .318 with 45 homers, 157 runs batted in, and 50 doubles.

Rafael Palmiero (321)-Sadly, Rafael Palmiero's career has a black mark on it now after being tested positive for steroids, and he has not returned to baseball since. But Palmiero still has Hall of Fame numbers, and put them up consistently over time. He played for the Rangers from 1989 to 1993 and again from 1999 to 2003, and ranks second in team history with 321 homers. Palmiero's best season with the team was 1999, when he had career high numbers in batting average (.324), homers (47) and RBI (148).

Frank Howard (246)-Frank Howard was a very large, imposing man who put fear in opposing pitchers. He played for the Senators from 1965 to 1971, and still ranks third for the franchise with 246 home runs. Howard had his best season for the team in 1969 when he had career highs in home runs (48), batting average (.296) and drove in 111 runs.

Ivan Rodriguez (215)-Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez began his career with the Rangers, and was their catcher from 1991 to 2002. Rodriguez ranks fourth in franchise history with 215 home runs, and his best season in a Rangers' uniform was 1999, when he won the AL MVP by hitting .332 with career highs in home runs (35) and RBI (113).

Ruben Sierra (180)-Outfielder Ruben Sierra had three stints with the Rangers-1986 to 1992, 2000-01 and part of 2003. Sierra had an awesome power stroke and has 306 career home runs. 180 of those homers were hit with the Rangers, ranking Sierra fifth in team history. He hit a career best 30 homers in 1987, but his best overall season was 1989, when Sierra hit .306 with 29 home runs and 119 runs batted in (career high).

Alex Rodriguez (156)-Shortstop Alex Rodriguez began his career in Seattle, and before he became a star with the Yankees, made a stop in Texas, where he was paid a huge contract. Rodriguez only played in Dallas for three seasons (2001-03), but hit 156 home runs during that time and ranks sixth in team history. Rodriguez' best season in Texas was 2002, when he hit .300 with 57 home runs (career high) and 142 RBI. He then won the AL MVP in 2003, when he hit .298 with 47 homers and 118 RBI.

Dean Palmer (154)-Third baseman Dean Palmer played for the Rangers from 1989 to 1997, and ranks seventh in franchise history with 154 home runs. Palmer's best season as a Ranger was 1996 when he hit a career best .280 with 38 homers (tied career high) and 107 RBI.

Mark Teixeira (153)-First baseman Mark Teixeira is one of the game's brightest young sluggers, and he began his career in Texas, where he played from 2003 to 2007. Teixeira hit 153 home runs with the team and ranks eighth in their history, and his best season as a Ranger was 2005, when he hit .301 with 41 doubles, 43 homers and 144 RBI (both career high numbers).

Larry Parrish (149)-After playing for the Montreal Expos for several years, Larry Parrish went over to the Rangers and played in Texas from 1982 to 1988. Parrish had his best seasons for the Rangers, and ranks ninth in team history with 149 home runs. Parrish had his best season in 1987, with a .268 batting average, 32 homers (career high) and 100 RBI.

Toby Harrah (124)-Toby Harrah was a great offensive shortstop, and is the only player on this list that played for both the Senators (1969 and 1971) and Rangers (1972 to 1978).

Harrah is tied for tenth in franchise history with 124 home runs, and his best power season was 1977, when he hit .263 with 27 homers (career high) and 87 runs batted in.

Pete Incaviglia (124)-Outfielder Pete Incaviglia played for Texas from 1986 to 1990, before becoming a journeyman player for several teams through 1998. Incaviglia is tied with Toby Harrah for tenth place in franchise history with 124 homers, and his best season in Texas was his rookie season, when he hit .250 with 30 home runs (career high) and 88 RBI.


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    • profile image

      Tony 7 years ago

      And so why isn't Rusty Greer on here?

    • johnb0127 profile image

      johnb0127 8 years ago from TX

      Dude, nice list! I remember some of these guys too! Cheering them on in the stands or yelling from the TV screen, lol. Good hub!