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Growing Aloe Vera

Updated on January 3, 2008
From My Garden
From My Garden

Growing Aloe Vera

If you have a little space on a windowsill or in your garden, aloe vera is a great plant for the beginning gardener. It's also a very useful introduction to herbs.

A succulent, aloe vera likes porous, well-drained soil. It's native to arid, sunny locations, so give it plenty of sunshine, and cut back on the water. You can ignore it during the winter months if you live where there's no threat of frost, but during the summer, water it every ten days or so, and fertilize your plant once or twice during the summer season.

Aloe Vera is Easy to Propagate

Your aloe vera will quickly start to grow small "pups" that cluster around the bottom of the plant's base. After reaching baby finger size, the pups can be removed and started on their own, or left to increase the overall size of your plant.

Aloe Vera is a Good Home Remedy

The sticky interior gel of aloe vera can be used to stop the pain of burns, and it can also be applied as a skin treatment. Many over the counter acne gels and creams use aloe vera as an active ingredient. Now the subject of increased scientific study, aloe is being touted as a remedy for everything from hair loss to some types of cancer, but it does have a long, reliable history as a treatment for burns. This is a great reason to keep a couple of plants around your home.

Aloe Vera is a Great Starter Plant

Inexpensive and easy to grow, aloe vera makes a good plant for the beginning gardener, requiring little care other than protection from frost. Keep it indoors over winter if you experience freezing temperatures in your area, and put it out in spring, being sure to bring it back in before the first fall frost. A large pot of aloe vera makes a good focal point for a deck or patio.

Aloe Vera will give you a big payback for very little effort. If you have been thinking about keeping a plant or two, or want to explore a more natural approach to home remedies, try aloe vera.


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