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Guide to the Lower Haight

Updated on September 29, 2008

Eating and Drinking in the Lower Haight

The Lower Haight is one of the least tourist traveled locations in San Francisco. People tend to go to the Upper Haight to see the famous Haight Ashbury, but only a few blocks away (and down a hill across Divisadero) is the Lower Haight, a comfortable 'hood haunted by local artists and young people. If you pay it a visit, be sure to enjoy the food and drink-there are a profusion of restaurants that represent nearly every continent, and a wide selection of cafes and bars that are well worth the vist.


Ali Baba's Cave: 531 Haight Offers Middle Eastern food fast-you can't go wrong with the shwarma!

Axum: 698 Haight St Offers delicious Ethiopian cuisine. A sampler and receive a platter of 5 offerings, from the chickpea puree in Ethiopian spices, mushrooms simmered with tomatoes, onions, and garlic, or spinach and jalapeños. Just be warned-there are no utensils used in Ethiopian cuisine. You receive a pancake that you use to scoop up the food-yum!

Estela's Fresh Sandwiches: 250 Fillmore St Uses fresh meats, vegetables, and bread to build the tastiest sandwiches in the 'hood. It is a tiny hole in the wall, so look for the bright green building and sandwich board (how fitting) out front so you don't miss it!

The Grind: 783 Haight St Provides a wide selection of the basics: salads, sandwiches, and a good breakfast.

Hanabi Sushi: 509 Haight St Serves up some delicious, cheap sushi. The rolls are scrumptious and the tofu salad is a must-order for many locals.

Indian Oven: 223 Fillmore St A delicious Indian restaurant for a cheap, sit-down meal complete with white tablecloths.

Kate's Kitchen: 471 Haight Serves a mean breakfast and lunch of cheap, delicious diner food. Get ready to wait in line on the weekends!

Memphis Minnie's: 576 Haight St Barbecues some serious delicious-ness old-school, Southern, slow-cooked style. The meat is rivaled only by the delicious sides they offer-don't forget the extra napkins!

Rosemunde Sausage Grill: 545 Haight St Mmm sausage! A wide variety of pork, beef, veal, and vegetarian are offered and grilled to order. Take them next door to have with a beer at Toronado (see the drink section of this article).


Bean There Café: 201 Steiner St A local favorite. Off the beaten path of Haight, staffed by the friendliest crew around-everyone wants a café like this in their 'hood.

Café Du Soleil: 200 Fillmore St French style cafe, offering espresso drinks, beer, wine, and a variety of delicious French pastries and light fare-salads, olives, and unbeatable French Toast. They make their own granola that is to die for!

Café International: 508 Haight St Serves good coffee, beer, and light fare and provides couches and tables, as well as a nice patio out back replete with an astounding mural under which to enjoy your drink on a warm day.

Mad Dog in the Fog: 530 Haight St A great relaxed Irish pub offering beer and wine, pool and darts, and sports. Trivia nights on Tuesday and Thursday pack them in; the patio in the back is great for sunny days.

Molotov's: 582 Haight St If you are punk rock and tattooed, meet your kin at Molotov's, a full bar offering loud music and the ding of vintage pinball machines.

Noc Noc: 557 Haight St Fraggle Rock meets Mad Max décor and serves a great selection of beer and wine. Dark nooks and postmodern tables and stools make this bar one you shouldn't miss!

Toronado: 547 Haight St How many beers are offered here-like 100? Navigate the huge chalkboard above the bar and pick your poison.


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