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Helen Mirren Bikini Photo

Updated on July 21, 2008

The now infamous Helen Mirren bikini photo has inspired me! What about you? Have you seen it? Let me know if you agree that she should become the anti-aging pin up girl?

When I saw the photo of Dame Helen Mirren in a red bikini on an Italian beach this morning it inspired me to write to her.

Could I ask a favor? If you know Dame Helen, perhaps you could pass this letter on? I'd really appreciate it. The bikini photo reveals a very healthy, youthful looking role model who is 62 years old! I have some burning questions I'd really love to know the answer to - can you help me?

Dear Dame Helen,

I hope you don't mind me calling you that, but I have seen you in your red bikini and feel as if I know you quite well already.

Firstly let me say - You Rock!

I want to thank you for being on that Italian beach and having your photo snapped. I generally cannot stand the paparazzi myself, so I can imagine you are a bit miffed to find your quiet beach trip splashed all over the tabloids.

It is also quite despicable that there are elements of society who are perving at you in that fabulous red bikini or making comments in blogs about whether it is okay to be sexy at 62! For goodness sake, if they took at look at themselves - they're probably 30 and totally out of shape already!

Why is it that men can only focus on whether they should find you sexy at 62, rather than asking the obvious questions about how you look so good and keep in such great shape - wouldn't that be a more interesting article?

That aside, I am truly thankful to both you and them. You see I have been looking for a role model after I recently realized that I can reclaim that body I had in my 20's. I firmly believe I can look even better than in my 20's and be healthier - and let's face it us more mature women are way more wiser!

When your photo in that red bikini came into my inbox this morning - I instantly knew I had a new, inspiring and natural woman role model to look up to.

So the big question is: Where did you get that bikini? I really like it! In fact in a few months I could even see myself wearing something like that. I, like you, am rather well blessed up the top and find it hard to get good bikinis that offer support yet don't look like they belong to my Grandmother. Please send me details so I can pre-order in anticipation!

Now most importantly, girlfriend, you need to tell me what you've been doing. What you eat, drink, how much you sleep, what supplements you take and your workouts! I need to get me some! And perhaps you even have a role model - can you give me some hints?

I have to dash now, I need to get back to my serious work. I am so looking forward to hearing from you.

Between you and me, Meryl Streep was a contender for the role of role model after I saw Mamma Mia! She had me when she managed to snaffle Pierce Brosnan as her husband. I'll have to let Meryl down gently, so don't say anything if you see her. She does rock - but not quite as much as you do.

Hear from you soon.

Your friend,


P.S. Can you sing better than Meryl? Just asking!


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    • hopefully profile image

      hopefully 9 years ago


      Love your comment - I am sure some of the men might like to see her without a bikini! But I think that isn't exactly what you meant! Your comment made me LOL!



    • profile image

      Barbara Campbell 9 years ago

      LOL: Agreed!

      Helen Mirren TOTALLY rocks - even without a bikini!