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Hey, Bet You Didn't Know That Men Can Get Yeast Infections Too!!!

Updated on January 9, 2009

Women Are Not The Only Ones At Risk...

 Over the years in junior high school, there was a term that some of the immature boys used to always spat out at the girls thinking they were funny, or prone from ever having to confront such a yucky infection.

The boys used to sometimes call particular 'around the street and back girls', skeevy bloody yeast infections'.

I know; vile, disguting, nasty; but in junior high the term was sort of funny.

However at the time I never knew, and I am 100% positive they never knew that they too could get a yeast infection.

The fact is though that men too can get them, and that women are not the only ones who suffer from yeast infections.

Yeast Infections could be transmitted to a male by an infected female if they were to have unprotected sex.

Not only that but according to the Mayo Clinic Staff, those with diabetes, HIV, those with an impaired immune system, and those who have prolonged use to antibiotics are at a higher risk of getting a yeast infection.

Men who are not circumsised are also at a greater risk.

Other ways men can get a yeast infection are if the penis comes in contact with feces, which in turn could cause lead to a growth in bacteria.

Damp clothing can also add to the growth of a male yeast infection.

Like women, men too can treat their male 'yeast infection' with Monistat, or anti fungals.

Signs that you might have a male yeast infection include, itching and burning of the penis, sever pain while having sex, severe pain while urinating, crusted white discharges, painful/itchy blisters, red itchy/painful pathches at the tip of the penis, and a sever burning sensations on the head of the penis.

I'm sure many of you men reading this now are holding on to your boy, thanking your lucky stars you never had to experience a male yeast infection. Sounds awful doesn't it!?

Don't worry too much though, because male yeast infections are pretty uncommon, but keep in mind that they are definitely not a myth.


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