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High School - how to choose between them.

Updated on January 15, 2009

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Tonight, my wife and I went to one of the High Schools that our oldest daughter has to choose from to attend next year.

My daughter has quite a decision to make. Even though many of us may think that a High School is a High School, they are in fact, all very different.

Considering this, we have encouraged her to educate herself on each of the potential High Schools that she can attend next year. There are three good schools around us and we happen to be in a district that allows us to choose. What we have done is given this choice to our daughter, providing she does her homework and learns about each school. We have asked her to find out what each school has to offer her as each school carries a bit different curriculum. Although, they can choose to carry any course offered through the board, most schools find their area to be a bit different.

Visiting the school for the past two hours brought back a lot of memories even though I never attended the school we visited.  Looking back, I could have made a lot better choices/decisions.  I am not complaining, only seeing the past as 'hindsight is 20:20'.   I found the information that the school gave us to be very informative.  Teachers were there to answer questions. 

There are so many people out there that may never take the time to encourage their children to 'be somebody'.  Don't let that someone be you.  I want my children to give life their very best every day.  It doesn't matter if it's flipping burgers or finding the cure for cancer.  As long as it is something that they 'want' to do. 

As for our daughter, she has this desire to create (engineer) rides.  Well, she knows that she will have to design a few parking lots, build a few bridges and then some before she can build her first roller coaster.  But she understands that.  In fact, as she put it, " Dad, every step leads somewhere, I can only plan my way and pray it comes true".   So sweet to hear that.  A very bright young woman with the ability to do anything she sets her mind on.   

My final thoughts

I believe that our children are a blessing. Yes, they drive us crazy now and then, but we deserve it, we are the ones that just had to make them. Some may never fully understand how important it is to be a parent, because maybe they never had the opportunity from their parents. Or because of heart ache and sorrow that has consumed them. I pray that if you have never really felt that your child is a blessing then watch them from a far at something they like to do. No cheering, no nagging, just watch them. Their smile, their laughter, and their compassion. You helped give it to them. And if you don't see it, then understand that "IT IS NEVER TOO LATE" to love them.

Encourage your children daily, tell them that you love them daily, yes men this means you. And give them a hug often. So, guys, if you think you are too macho to hug your son (or daughter for that) then do it in a closed area. No one can see you. Make it quick and tell them to 'BE SOMEBODY'.

Lastly, I hope that everyone that reads this will digg and stumble it. Send it to all your friends so that everyone can help encourage our youth to 'BE SOMEBODY'.

I invite your comments below. 



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