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Holford Diet : Loosing Weight the GL Way

Updated on September 5, 2008

Holford Diet : Loosing Weight the GL Way

GL or Glycemic load is a tool that tells you exactly what a particular food or meal will do to your blood sugar. GL is much more accurate and practical tool than the popular GI or Glycemic Index. GI is a way of scoring how fast the carbohydrate within food raises your blood sugar compared with pure glucose -assessing its quality to show whether it is fast or slow to release its sugar into the blood. GL goes one better than GI by factoring the quantity as well as the quality of carbohydrates. This gives a far more accurate reflection of the effect on your blood sugar. As an example, take watermelon which contains fast releasing sugar and therefore has a high GI of 72 (out of 100) enough to put it out of bounds for any GI dieter.

To compute for the GL of the watermelon : GI (divided by 100) X available carbohydrates(in grams) - GL For watermelon : (.72)(6g) = 4.32 Rounding this to 4 we get a very low GL score, putting watermelon firmly on the Holford diet menu. •

A GL of 10 or less is good •

A GL of 11-14 is ok •

A GL of 15 or more is bad

To reduce weight the Low-GL way follow this simple rule : • Eat no more than 45 GL a day - 10 GL for breakfast, lunch and dinner - 5 GL each morning and afternoon snack - Plus 5 GL for drinks or pudding

Some selected Foods With their GL

Brown/white rice boiled 25 grams 7 GL

Wholemeal Pasta 40 grams 7GL

Baked Potato 60 grams 7 GL

French Fries 50 grams 7 GL Corn on the cob 60 grams 7GL

Spaghetti 90 grams 10 GL Macaroni plain 90 grams 11 GL

Banana , green 120 grams 8 GL

Mashed Potato 150 grams 15 GL

Cheeseburger 130 grams (medium size) 25 GL

Hamburger 120 grams ( Medium size) 25 GL

Pizza (thick base) 300 grams(large slice) 36 GL

This article is an excerpt from the book "The Holford Diet GL Counter"

Written by Patrick Holford.


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      Betty Dick 7 years ago

      I would lke to know the breakfast part of eating -- on this diet.--- Please.