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Holiday Blogs 2008 – Don’t Get Me Started!

Updated on December 20, 2008


Well, the time has come once again to bid adieu to the year and for me to make my yearly pilgrimage to Delaware to spend the holidays with my mate’s family. I’ve oft said that the great thing about having a Jew and Christian in a relationship is that it makes going to each other’s families for holidays so much easier (of course not so easy when the Hanukkah and Christmas overlap like this year but on most years it’s a safe bet that you know where you’ll be for Christmas and where you’ll be spending Passover). This is true of both the straight couples and gay couples. They may be able to stop us from getting married (for now) but holiday and family drama is an equal opportunity visitor.

So as I take the week off to travel I would have way too much guilt if I didn’t leave you with some blogs to hold you over until I return. So with that, alas, here it is…some of my more favorite blogs (video and “Don’t Get Me Started!”) for you to watch and read when you need a smile or some advice on how to get through this thing we call the “holidays” (though if you ask me, dealing with planes, trains and relatives is far from a holiday in my book).

And if you aren’t a frequenter to the site, be sure and go to the Home Page to check out me and all the humiliating characters I played in various Christmas Shows when I used to be in the Show Biz.

Have a Yule that’s cool, ya’ll!




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