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Home Remedies for Acne – Are They Worth It?

Updated on August 16, 2007

Are there really any good home remedies for acne? The bigger a problem is, the more people are going to be looking for a solution. This is an accurate description of the array of home remedies, cures, and treatments for acne available on the market today. From exfoliation and the classic antibiotics and bactericidals to hormonal treatments, retinoids, phototherapy and laser therapy, the list is growing almost every day. The average consumer looking for a cure to his or her acne problem is likely to be confused by this variety of treatments, all of which are supposedly 100% guaranteed to put an end to acne once and for all.

One of the newest additions to this effort is the idea of treating acne with a combination of healthy food and vitamins. Although the use of a change in diet to cure various conditions isn't a new idea, the concept that food alone could be used to cure acne is an interesting new twist. The cornerstone of this approach is the attempt to avoid processed foods, fat, and sugar and instead try to eat fresh vegetables, fruits, and drink lots of plain water. The underlying assumption is that heavily processed and fat-rich foods are bad for the body and could be the source of acne and other conditions. According to the theory, skin problems are considered to be a side effect of processed food consumption.

However, things just aren't that simple. This approach is a really good idea for those whose acne outbreaks are caused or worsened by hormones and other substances found in red meat and processed food. However, it would be hard to argue that all the various types of acne has only one source, and that source is nothing but food. Moreover, different people respond in different ways to different foods. Removing one type of food from the diet may work for some people, but not for others.

To be sure, a healthy diet is good for everyone, but it simply can’t cure acne on its own, especially the severe cases. What the skin needs is a product that clears pores and kills bacteria, thus preventing hair follicles from clogging and turning into pimples. This is what you should be looking for if you want to get rid of those ugly pimples.


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