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Homeschool Curriculum Review - Exploring Creation with Zoology 3

Updated on December 26, 2008

Apologia has a great science curriculum that is perfect for homeschoolers. Their Exploring Creation with Zoology series is geared towards elementary student of all ages and is all about animals. Zoology 1 explores Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day, Zoology 2 explores Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day and Zoology 3 explores Land Animals of the Sixth Day and is the topic of this hub. This science curriculum is written by Jeannie Fulbright and is a Bible based curriculum.

Land Animals of the Sixth Day covers just about all the creatures that walk on the land. We really liked the first chapter that explored things like animal careers and pet careers and my children had a great time trying to figure out what career they would like to have in the animal field. After that Zoology 3 dives into the animals, having divided them up based on their scientific classification - something that all three of the books cover.

The chapters in Zoology 3 cover dogs (and other like animals such as wolves, foxes, wild dogs, dingoes, etc.), bears, cats, marsupials, primates, rodents, horses (a favorite here!), plant eating animals like deer, reptiles, dinosaurs, spiders and worms. As you can see there is a broad range of animals covered just in the third book of the series. If you were to work your way through all three books you would learn about most of the creatures that live or did live on Earth. One of the things I like about this science curriculum is that it teaches the kids about extinct animals as well as ones still living.

Exploring Creation with Zoology is a very thorough science curriculum. You can print notebook pages off the internet to go along with each chapter. There are two different levels of difficulty for the notebook pages. You can adapt this curriculum to your child's needs and make it as easy or as hard as you or your child wants it to be. I have found it very easy to adapt the notebook pages and experiments to the different grade levels of my children

There are experiments at the end of each chapter that are easy and fun. Best of all they typically only use things that I already have around the house and require little advance preparation. There is a list at the front of the book that tells you everything you need for each chapter, which is nice. I have really enjoyed teaching my children from this science curriculum and they have really loved learning about all the different creatures in the world. If you are looking for a good elementary science curriculum on animals, I think Exploring Creation with Zoology is the best series out there.


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