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How I got (and got rid of) Security Toolbar 7.1 Puper!Generic Trojan Virus

Updated on December 3, 2008

I didn't think I was this foolish...but..

Well, last night I was doing some research for my 87 year old Memaw. I was trying to find a wiring diagram or an install video for a particular ceiling fan. An innocent enough project, right? Well, I clicked on a promising titled link which told me I needed to load an Active X media codec... Well, okay.. I've done that before with no problem...

I unleashed HELL upon myself!!!

The result was very disappointing. I didn't get to see the video I had hoped for at all. How mean! My IE 7, on my XP Service Pack 3, immediately shut down.

My CA EZTrust AntiVirus immediately went into action! It basically told me, "Kevy, we have a problem... but you're SO SCREWED!" It kept popping up that it had deleted the same thing over and over again.. Win32/Puper!Generic... Weird stuff. I became frightened..

My worst fears were confirmed...

I re-opened IE 7... My homepage had become some weird page telling me I was full of viruses and I now had this thing called Security Toolbar 7.1 at the top of my Explorer browser. My PC was full of trojans, my antivirus and spyware software were helpless (useless)... My peaceful little PC world had been invaded, hijacked and turned completely upside down!!

So... scared to turn off my PC that it might not ever boot again, I did research... It took hours, but I finally fixed it. IMPORTANT: If you see you just got a virus DO NOT try to reboot your PC if you are still able to work with it and try to fix it!


Okay, if you've read this far, you're going through this, too. I won't waste time with what I tried that didn't work, or what I didn't even try because it sounded way too complicated.. Links will be on the side, BUT PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS FIRST!!!!!! TAKE NOTES!

Go download the free version of a program called SUPERAntiSpyware. I did so, installed it and ran full scan with it. It did indeed remove the Security Toolbar 7.1 and all other trojans associated with it. In fact, it removed about 101 malware from my PC. The problem with this software is that it is spyware/adware itself! So as soon as you use it to get rid of the Security Toolbar 7.1 and the other crap, uninstall it. I REALLY MEAN UNISTALL IT! It highjacks your browser also, just in a more subtle way... Probably in cahoots with each other..

Now What?

Well, after using the "ulterior motive" SUPERAntiSpyware to get rid of Security Toolbar and the trojans (It's spyware/adware), and deleting CA EZTrustAntivirus (I was mad at it), my PC is is running faster and better than ever!!

However, one cannot browse without protection...

Thank the PC Gods for Kim Komando!

If y'all don't know who Kim Komando is, she is a total PC/tech/gadget freak.. She's also not unpleasant upon the eye! She has a radio show I listen to here in Dallas. Since I needed immediate protection for my PC, I went to her website and found these free programs to get myself back in order after my trojan ordeal..

Avast! antivirus, A Scotty program that monitors your TSR's, and Spyware Blaster.



This is just what worked for my particular problem on my machine. It may not work for all, but I sure hope it does!

If you've had this problem and this helped, didn't help, or you found another solution, please leave a comment to share your experience with others who may also be having this problem..


Kevy Rae

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