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How To Be A Successful Content Writer

Updated on April 12, 2008

Working at Home at your Convenience

Content writing is actually an easy thing to do. It entails writing an article focused on the specifications of the editor. Some editors are a stickler for instructions and specifications while others let you have a go at it any way you want.

One key to content writing is to follow instructions. The specific fonts and measurements as well as the templates that may be given to you with the project are keys to your being paid well and immediately. Sticking to the instructions will also allow you to have less mistakes thus lesser requests for revisions from the editor.

One of the common instructions of content writing is to have original content all the time. Most editors put content through software that checks for plagiarism or duplicate material. This is one downfall for content writers. If you do not have the ability to write original content, editors will not be happy with your work. Some editors do not even accept spinner articles, which utilize the same content but with different words with similar meanings.

The deadline is another thing that you must follow at all costs. Some editors are flexibe enough to allow several days grace period while others insist on a 24 hour turnaround. Whichever the case is, keeping to your deadline will earn you praise and trust as well as a steady income. Of course, you must know your limitations regarding deadlines. Unrealistic deadlines should be pointed out or negotiated. Don't accept work that is too much and then keep on asking for deadline extensions.

The pay for content writers vary a lot. Some content writers accept as low as US$2 for a 400 word article while others are paid US$25. Not all content wriiting jobs are the same and the pay may be dependent on how much editing is done to your work as well as the length of the articles. If you think you are a pretty good content writer, then you can find better pay than US$2. Some writers are hired by groups who manage their content and are the middle men between writers and those who need content.

Start content wriitng and keep in mind the points stated here for a successful career. Work at home and even dictate your own hours. You can earn up to several hundred dollars every day.


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