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How To Update Drivers

Updated on July 23, 2008

What Are (PC Device) Drivers?

These are the little programming code that tell your operating system (Windows) how to speak to your devices. These devices are your sound card, graphics card, printer, keyboard, mouse, monitor, motherboard, and all of the other little components that make up your system.

Without drivers, your PC is rendered useless. WIthout updated drivers, your PC is less than proficient.

How To Update Drivers (The First Way)

You find out all the components in your computer by looking at your device manager.

To get to device manager in Windows XP:

  1. Right Click on My Computer Icon
  2. Choose Properties
  3. Click Hardware Tab
  4. Click Device Manager Button

Then you can click on the (+) by each device category and view each device, visit the manufacturers site and hunt down the latest drivers for your computers devices.

This will take your hours. You probably want to do a few at a time so that you're not overwhelmed. Enjoy!

How To Update Drivers (The Easy Way)

I'm sure you're like me and your time is valuable and you know the power of leveraging other peoples expertise.

I found a company with expertise in updating drivers. They have developed a utility that you simply install on your computer, you scan your system, it searches a database of over 1 million device drivers and makes recommendations to you.

At that point, you're able to click another button and it updates all of your drivers FOR YOU. That's it. Once complete, you may need to restart and that's your part of the deal.

Isn't life much simpler that way?


These guys spend loads of their time adding drivers to their database to make your life easier. Just like an anti-virus product adds new anti-virus definitions to their database to keep you protected.

Because of their time spend saving you money, this product does have a cost associated with it. It's a top of the line product.

It will save you literally hours and hours hunting down drivers and the information necessary to know how to update them

Here's the deal.. Take these the following steps and just see if this utility can help you:

  1. Download CCleaner (click on Download Latest version from the right hand bar at the top). Install CCleaner and Run CCleaner on your system. This application will clean up all the junk files on your system. Files like Temporary Internet files, tmp files, and other trash that you didn't even know was on your system! You'll free up tons of space! You can minimize this window now and install and run it.
  2. Download the utility from PC Driver Doctor. Install it. Scan your system.

If a bunch of your drivers need updated, register the product and update those drivers. I promise it will save you time over hunting down drivers.

This product will not only update your drivers, it will back them up as well which will help you should your system ever crash. Store these backups on a flash drive or on a CD.

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