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How To Extend Laptop Battery Life

Updated on August 22, 2008

Most of us own a laptop and we use it either for recreational or work-related purposes. Sometimes we may save some important or personal information into our laptops. It can be disastrous if your laptop go dead at the moment just when we need them. Some laptops can be pretty expensive and all the more reason for us to take good care of them.

Here are some ways to keep your laptop running for as long as possible:

1. Cut down external devices

Disconnect all external devices, such as USB gadgets, optical drives and Wi-Fi connections. Remove or shut them down when you are not using them.


2. Control the brightness of the screen

You can adjust the screen brightness to the lowest level you can tolerate. You can also configure the display to be turned off when not in use. Note that this is different from using a screensaver, as a screensaver still requires the display's backlight to be on.


3. Work from the hard drive

Optical drives, such as the CD and DVD drives still consume power, even if you may not be actively using them. Programs that are run from a CD or DVD can be copied to and run from the hard drive instead, which consumes less power than an optical drive.


4. Stay out of extreme temperatures

Do not expose the battery to heat or freezing temperatures. Temperatures can affect battery performance. It's best to keep it at room temperture.


5. Take care of your battery

Do not leave a charged battery unused for long periods of time. Once the battery is charged, you should at least use it once every two to three weeks. If you are not using it, remove the battery pack from the laptop.


6. Go easy on the laptop

Do remember that the more things you do, the more battery power you consume. Activities such as playing computer game or a DVD can consume more power.



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