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How To Remove Old And Wrong Info From Credit Reports

Updated on August 25, 2009

How To Remove Old And Wrong Info From Credit Reports

Knowing how to do credit repair and remove old info and wrong information from credit reports is definitely the most important thing you will need to know how to do if you want a higher credit score and a cleaner credit report.

Generally old and wrong information on your credit report can contribute to a lower score so removing it should be your priority and there is a simple way to deal with quickly. although it will take some time and effort on your part.

1. Write a letter to the credit reporting agency that tells them what information is wrong or to old to be on your credit report. You may have to send a letter to each credit agency if they all report the same thing. Make sure to copy the letter you send and keep it in a file. In the letter ask then to provide a new credit report to show the corrections they my make.

2. Send This letter by certified mail only, do not send it with general postage. This will give you proof of the day you sent it and when they received it. This is very important if you should need to provide proof of receipt. By federal law they must make a correction or respond to you within 30 days of receiving your letter

3. If they fail to respond or make any corrections to your credit report within 30 days of getting your letter you should write them again. this time state the date they received the last letter along with a copy of the certified mail receipt that shows when they received it.

4. If they fail to respond or make corrections within the 30 days you will have to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. When you do this make sure to provide copies of everything you sent the credit companies and anything they sent you.

When you write these letters to improve credit score problems always remember to be polite in tone and professional. Like anything in life the calmer you are the more people will be willing to help you. And remember the person you may be talking to to at the credit bureau did not make these mistakes and is only doing their job. By following these steps you stand a good chance of removing wrong information from your credit report.


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      credit repair magic review 8 years ago

      that was a very informative and well written hub, thanks for the information and the simple to follow plan!!!