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How do I get Amazon products to appear on my hub?

Updated on November 21, 2008

Featuring Amazon products on a Hub

It's easy to add Amazon products to your Hub and make your Hub like this one with Amazon products featured next to your words.

When you start to write a Hub, look over to the top right of your screen where capsules are available. (See screen shot below for exact appearance.)

Under "Revenue Capsules" just click on the word "Amazon." Near the bottom of your screen a little red note will temporarily appear to advise you of a new capsule being added at the bottom.

Adding the Amazon capsule
Adding the Amazon capsule

Enter info into the Amazon capsule

You will see the Amazon capsule at the bottom. Use the green up and down arrows to position the capsule anywhere you want. You might not want it sitting below your comments.

Click on "edit" and Fill in the Capsule subtitle. You can change it later if you want. Or you can leave it blank.

Hit enter and you will be give two choices: Choose specific Amazon products or Choose keywords.

Add your keywords

Add keywords to trigger Amazon's automatic selections of their products.

Underneath the keyword box is a drop down menu where you can also select which category of products to feature, such as books, if you want. You can put in the title of a book, or part of title or just some prospective keywords. The default is four items, but you can limit it to fewer items if you like.

Then click on Preview. Occasionally, Amazon will come up with nothing, but just try again.

Preview results from keywords

I put in some words and got some odd results! Why would opera music be shown for keywords "make money now?"

Easy to change your keywords and preview again until you get a result you like.

Choose specific Amazon products

When you click on Choose Specific Products, you get four boxes in which to enter Amazon. You can add up to four Amazon products per capsule via the URL, ASIN or ISBM identifications.

If you know the ISBN number (no one memorizes these--they're 11 or 13 digit numbers on the back of a book or on the price tag), you can enter that. This is the quickest way if you are holding the book in your hand.

Otherwise, go to, find the book (or product), copy the URL from your status bar and then paste it into the box. Do this for one to four products.

Copy the whole URL

Use command or control C to copy the URL.

Paste the URL into the box on your Hubs capsule

Use command or control + V to paste the URL into the box.

Copy and paste URL from Amazon

New Malcom Gladwell book



Everything talks to everything else and the book pops up when you check the preview button or just finish the capsule by hitting save.

That URL copy and paste led to the placement of this new book in an Amazon capsule.

You can hit the green arrow pointing right to move your Amazon capsule to the right half of any text capsule. It will show like this one!

That's all there is to it!


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    • Philipo profile image

      Philipo 6 years ago from Nigeria

      Thanks. I have been looking for this info.

    • DuchessDuCaffeine profile image

      DuchessDuCaffeine 6 years ago from United States of America

      Thank you, PopcornSalt :) This article's a keeper!

    • Trail Otter profile image

      Trail Otter 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA, Western Hemisphere, Earth

      Thanks for this hub! I just got started on Hubpages and recently became an Amazon affiliate. This answered my questions! Thanks again.

    • cinnamongoddess profile image

      cinnamongoddess 7 years ago

      Thank you!

    • dannerbrian profile image

      dannerbrian 8 years ago

      Will this credit my amazon account if i have them singed up on my affiliates page?

    • mcacreate profile image

      mcacreate 8 years ago

      OK, I have a problem right from the start, on when you begin to write a hub. I had already wrote and published the hub before I got the amazon code. So is it too late for this? I sstill have not got my adsense code, meanswhile I'm getting traffic, I have ads all over my hub and if anyone is clicking or ordering anything, I'm not getting paid. So now what?

    • profile image

      Amper Sun 8 years ago

      Popcorn Salt...

      Just what was needed for the show... now I can sit back and enjoy the parade! Thank you so much for this little bit of "how to". In a world of highly paid professionals, technicians, and help desk personnel it takes a "hubber" to add a little flavor to the mix that simply works!!

      Amper Sun

    • Michael Willis profile image

      Michael Willis 8 years ago from Arkansas

      Thanks for this Hub. I could not figure out how to get Amazon Ads on my pae until I read this article! You made it very easy to do.

    • frogyfish profile image

      frogyfish 8 years ago from Central United States of America

      Thanks for the info. I have had a lot of trouble getting Amazon to 'work' doing it both ways you suggest. I will keep trying, changing the keywords. Will bookmark this hub too. Thanks for sure!

    • Tesa Adams profile image

      Tesa Adams 8 years ago from Austin, Texas

      Thank you, that cleared up some questions I had.

    • Sandsworth profile image

      Sandsworth 9 years ago from Tampa, FL

      Very useful info, well done.

    • T. A. Northburg profile image

      Tim Northburg 9 years ago from Colorado, USA

      Great descriptions on how to do this. This was very helpful. Thanks!