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Who Dumps First and Faster, Men or Women?

Updated on October 14, 2008

Recently, i was in my favourite hangout pub! I don't need to mention it.. but i guess everyone one has his/her hot spot. Just imagine that i was at that very place you like.

There were these two guys seated on the table and had a serious argument. The question was, who is faster at dumbing?? The pick and drop issue seems to have taken root in the world today more than the recent wild fire! ( i don't leave in California)

Relationships as much as we treasure them heavily depend on the level of seriousness from both parties. Not only men alone do dump! Women have mastered the art recently so if you were the two guys i met at that hangout, probably it was you...YES! you were dumped and not the other party...but what determines that?

1. Experience? Who has mastered the art of relationships?

2. Who still keeps looking for another even after the break of the relationship?

3. Who is more hurt?

4. Who last made the phone call and for what reason?

Those are my views. What do you Hubbers think? WOMEN OR MEN..who dumps faster?


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