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How to Give and Receive Great Customer Service

Updated on May 15, 2008

Consumers get less than second best

Nothing feels as bad as shopping to get a "boost" to a medicore day but all you seem to purchase is the store clerks "bad attitude". It's enough to make you start checking your arm pits hoping that your deodorant is still lingering. Yet we still want to make the most of our experiences therefore we put up with the person who is sighing heavily at your inability to access your funds do to your giant (although fashionable) handbag. When this "funky attitude" sends its stench my way, I tend to think, "What is going on!" "I know that this may not be your dream job but you are still working and taking my hard earned money." How would you like it if I acted this way to you?"

And this is where I think the problem lies, caught in between the teeth of complacency and the belief that the world revolves around the almighty "me". Let's face it, no matter how we are told to look out for "number one" the reality of living life remains with how we interact with others. If we play nice we get to have boyfriends or girlfriends, co-workers that speak to you and neighbors that are glad you live on the block.

So lets realign our thinking: As individuals that work in the customer service field (retail, hotel, and every position that gives a service to receive money in return) we must give respect BEFORE we get it in return. This ensures a booming business, healthy pay raises and a 95 percent chance that we will hold on to our jobs. Engage the customer. Give eye contact, smile, take and return money in the hand and excuse ourselves if it hits the counter top or floor. Acknowledge the customer and stop employee cross talk that is not business related. In short pretend as if your favorite person came into the room even if that is you! It will not matter what happened to you that day or the day before, if you see the person that you most want to be with, you'll give your all.

For the customer, please return the favor. If you notice a "bad attitude" don't be afraid to interject a personal comment or two like: "It seems like your having a bad day." I have personally taken a service clerk or two off their guard and have greatly improved the quality of service just by that comment. Even if they say they are not having a bad day you can see in their body language that they are taking note of their behavior. Also, treating an employee like a person that you would like to see on a daily basis vastly improves your experience even if you are receiving good service anyway.

When you take care to treat people with kindness and dignity you reap enormous benefits. You gain a thriving business, a better work experience and a positive perspective.

Why should you settle for less?

Your friendly universal,


Living Together Because We All Come From The Same Tree


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      10 years ago

      Great hub! It's astonishing to me how many people treat customers disrespectfully. I work as a barista at a coffee shop, and even when I'm having a horrible day I recognize the importance of return I've seen customers who had previously treated me poorly turn around and become friendly. Everyone wants to be's just we don't all apply the golden rule of "treat others how you want to be treated." On the other side, I always try to be respectful of employees when I'm on the customer-side of things. I wish everyone did! :)


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