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How to Help a Friend With Serious Financial Issues (Other than Loaning Money)

Updated on May 1, 2008

help in financial difficulties

Dear Sir/madam,

The better help you can provide is not money even in finance crisis but a moral support. The people go through finance crisis always try to think life in the views of a cynic.

We will not be able to support a person financially as there is no end for it. Rather than providing him a loan I suggest following solutions.

1) Be a good listener to his problems. Understand what basis he end up in to this mess. Do not critical in assessment but be a patient listener. What he need is someone whom he can open up the problems and difficulties. This is very important because nowadays people move away from him if they came to know any financial difficulty. So be a good listener.

2) Direct him to different avenues. This is depends on the reasons for finance crisis. Finance crisis crop up due to loss of job, loss of money, family troubles etc.... so the avenues should be different depends on the situation. I have gone through the same situation for the last 3 years as one of my close friend had some serious financial crisis 80% of the reason was due to the persons inability to forecast the contingency attached to the business he started along with a difficulty to repay the car loan.I was able to support my friend in terms of emotional as well as directing job opportunities.

3) never criticise nor complain his mistakes:Rather accept the person it doesn't mean we should not correct him. but the correction should not be the way of negative criticism by delivering long lecture's. a best friend is the one who can stand with another in terms of crisis.

4) More than everything I think we need to help him , if needed financially as it as difficult to exhibit the real affection unless we uphold the person in real crisis. so provide him a share of support in terms of finance but never carry the whole burdens on your shoulder.

Hope these points will give some consolations....


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