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How to Make a Castle Cake

Updated on February 3, 2009

In January my son's Cub Scout troop had its annual Father/Son cake contest. So that logically means that I have to make a cake of my son's choosing. He wanted a castle cake.  Most of the ones I found on the internet were princess cakes and very fancy.  We wanted a boyish, real looking castle.  I had anticipated him helping me, but the entire cake was very precariously held together and I didn't want him touching it for fear the turrets would fall over. I did want to share with everyone what I did though, because it really turned out to be a very cool cake and if you didn't have to transport it somewhere in a car it wouldn't have to be so sturdy.

I started by making up two cake mixes. You could use any flavor, I used a white cake mix. Looking back, I should have made the base of the cake out of a brownie mix, it would have held up better. I made the first cake mix in a square cake pan. The second cake mix I divided between two loaf pans. Once everything was cooked and cooled I put the square cake onto a very large tray.

You can ice your cake any color you want. I decided on gray, because old castles were typically stone. I mixed up two tubs of white icing with black food coloring, not too much or you will end up with black icing. I then took a bread knife and sliced the top of the cake off so that it was level. I didn't get it perfectly level unfortunately, which is why the turrets wouldn't stay up very well. Then I iced the square cake all over.

I took the cake from the bread pans and cut them in half, making four smaller squares. Again I sliced off the top so they would be level. I stacked these in the center of the square cake with a layer of icing between each layer of cake. I then inserted long straws all the way through all layers of the cake so that it would be secure.

I then very carefully iced all around the middle tall section. It was harder than I thought! But in the end, it looked great and you couldn't even really see that section. The next part was adding the turrets. This involved lots of ice cream cones; both the regular cones and the sugar cones. Each turret is made up of two regular cones and one sugar cone. The basic design is a regular cone turned upside down, a regular cone on top of it the right way and a sugar cone topping it all.

I took a cake tester, basically a very long, skinny pointy thing and poked holes through the two regular ice cream cones. This is for the straws that will hold everything together. Before you ice the cones, you need to get the place ready on the cake where you will put the turrets. I cut out a little of the cake so that the turret would set down in there, be more secure and look like it was part of the castle.

Once you have everything ready to go on your turrets it is time for icing them. Put a couple of fingers inside the ice cream cone and turn it around with one hand, while putting lots of icing on the outside. Very carefully place each cone where you want it. Once the regular cones are stacked and you have pushed the straw down through the cake, smooth the icing to cover the seam. After you ice the sugar cones, roll them in decorating sugar and place them on top of the regular cones.

Once you have the turrets in place it is time to put on the battlements. We used Hershey Kisses. We placed these all around the castle. We ran out of time for doing a moot and drawbridge, but I had wanted to use graham crackers for the draw bridge. You could do blue icing for the moot. One of the most important parts of these cakes is that everything has to be edible, so you really have to be creative. I definitely learned a lot from my first time making a castle cake. My other son has requested one for his birthday in October. At least that one won't have to be transported in a car!


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    • profile image

      rosebud 7 years ago

      wow. this isperfct! i'm making a cake for my moms birthday and i wanted it to be a queen theme. so, i want to make my cake purple. the onl problem was the turrets because i couldn't figure out how to make tem. i checked on other sites and they said to use toilet paper rolls. then when i found this site, it was perfect! thanks for the help! :)

    • profile image

      swag$$276 8 years ago

      thanx for the info cuz me and a friend is planning on baking a castle for a class project and this is a big help so keep this up cuz sumone else mite need it!!

      by the way u did a good job!!

    • profile image

      Cyndi 9 years ago

      Hey Jennifer, just wanted to say thank you for sharing. Me and my daughter are going to try and make one this weekend.

    • mandybeau profile image

      mandybeau 9 years ago

      5 Michelen stars, very creative Love what you have done with the Castle, reminds me of the cakes my Mother made for me

      Thx I am passing it on to a lot of friends.

    • Triplet Mom profile image

      Triplet Mom 9 years ago from West Coast

      Wow Jennifer I am impressed. I have no artistic ability at all but somehow you made that seem easy enough for me to do. Although I think mine would come out looking more like a mess. Thanks for the hub.

    • doug 8787 profile image

      doug 8787 9 years ago from FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH !!