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How to be diplomatic when working in an office full of gossips!

Updated on September 21, 2007

Be observant but stay away

I have this co-employee I call her a saboteur. Early in the morning after punching her time card it's all smiles to everyone she meets greeting a "Happy Day At Work" but behind those smiles beware. I mean when passing by a co-employee you thought she is spreading good news. She's not. Because she considers herself a supervisor in the company she will whisper to a new employee to be more careful to what she is doing. I happen to bump to that new employee and she said to me, "I'm stressed," " Why ", I asked curiously. She said (the saboteur) "You will be fired." The next time,I became the victim when (the saboteur) showed up with the manager and a new employee that she is going to train her under me.. Then she instructed me to do less work. I left her and went to the Human Resources and related to them what happened.. I explained that she has been disparaging new employees ." We didn't know that." The manager who accompanied her said, "she wanted to take your position.. If you didn't come, you're finished.


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