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How to be irreverent

Updated on February 5, 2008

The American Heritage College Dictionary defines the term "irreverent" as follows: 1. Lacking reverence; disrespectful. 2. Critical of what is generally accepted or respected; satirical.

Now, I would never, EVER recommend that anyone be disrespectful if it would get them into serious trouble, even though in the United States of America one is guaranteed freedom of speech. But some things...well, they just BEG for one to address them with irreverency (the state of being irreverent).

It may help for you to first read the works of others who have been irreverent about a variety of subjects. Recommended authors are Mark Twain, H. Allen Smith, and Erma Bombeck. You also need an open mind and a sense of humor. Then, pick a topic, situation or person (preferably someone who you don't know personally and will never, EVER get wind of your intentions) that you wish to be irreverent towards. Examples: birth control, war, politicians.

Next, decide just what it is about the topic, situation or person that you feel deserves your irreverence. You can start with what you may personally find to be absurd about your choice. This is where your open mind and sense of humor come in. Look at the topic, situation or person from a point of view that is generally accepted for them, then turn that point of view around to the opposite or near-opposite point of view. DON'T BE SERIOUS!

Now, are you amused by your thoughts and/or writings of irreverency? Congratulations - you're irreverent! Repeat as necessary.


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