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How to have a good night sleep without a pill

Updated on October 12, 2008

Difficulty falling asleep is a problem for a significant number of people. What I am going to be talking about in this article is what has worked for me and people I know. There is alwyas the option of taking a sleep pill to help you fall asleep better, but many are scared about the risk of getting dependent. I would like to suggest few simple tips that might help you sleep better.

1) If you sit or stand all day and dont do much physical exercise, your body might not be physucally tired, thus problem falling asleep. A very simple exercise or stretching before going to be can be very helpful in this case. The excercise cna range anywhere from just walking around the house for 10-15 minutes to few stretches and push ups.

2) Make sure your mind is clear when you go to bed. I understand it can be very difficult to forget all your worries and lifestory and try to fall asleep but if you have too much in your mind while you are going to sleep, your mind will tell your body thatit is not ready for slee, thus again creating an imbalance and runing your sleep. A very simple way to get around this is to read a book or listen to calming music before you go to bed.

If you have too much going on in your mind when you are going to bed, it might be nice to talk to somebody before you sleep too. Otherwise, your brain is going to have a dialouge with itself and again hampering your sleep.

3) Eating a few spoons of yoghurt will help ease your digestion and can help you sleep better.

4) The comfortness of your bed plays a huge role and its alwyas important to make sure your pillows and mattress are comfortable and the sheets and cmforter clean.

5) One of the main places where a lot of bugs hide are under the bed. This can happen even in a clean home depending on the area you leave in. Making sure you spray bugspray under the once ina while ensures no bugs around the bed and cna help sleep better.

6) Avoid alcohol before going to bed. Although alcohol, might help you to fall asleep it usually wont let you enter the REM sleep phase of sleep cycle and will lead into leving you tired and sleepy even if you feel like you slept properly.

7) If possible, limit the number of caffeinated drinks to no more than 3 ina day and none within 3 hrs of your bed time.

8) If you sleep better turning certain side of the bed, remember that and try to follow that.

9) This is controversial, and might be mythical too, but it has been suggested by many cultures that the direction your bed is facing can make a huge difference on whether or not you sleep well. A bed in EW alignment with your head facing east is suggested the most favorable followed by North- South.

10) Adjusting the lighting of the room to what works best for you is very important. Too bright and too dark is often the most difficult sleeping conditions for people.

Last but not the least, never go to bed thinking that you are not going to be able to sleep. Your body follows your mind.

Hope some of these helps.


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