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How to jazz up Ramen noodles: Lean meals for lean times.

Updated on November 21, 2008


Here’s a fun recipe for the increasing number of you out there living on the edge.  This well balanced treat will have you fed and keep a roof over your head. 


Jazzed up Ramen Noodles- they’re delicious.  But, be careful, don’t run to your little Japanese mistress too often an inordinate amount of MSG will kill you. 


This meal costs less than the gas it takes to ride to your local Seven Eleven to buy a Don Miguel’s burrito and slather it with complimentary: machine chili, bagged nacho cheese, onions, cherry peppers and relish at one AM when your ripped, on pharmies and booze or both.  That is, of course, if your car has not yet been expropriated for not paying either the government or a corporation.  Same thing,  I guess.


Here is the recipe:


First: go rooting around in your refrigerator for any scraps of rotting food you may have.  I generally always have broccoli, onions and green peppers decomposing in mine. 


Second: get a fair sized pot and put in four to five cups of water.


Third: go to your spice rack and just start throwing stuff in the pot.  I like to use: garlic powder, fresh ground black pepper and leftover Chinese sauces (soy, duck, hot, whatever).  Boil for about half hour or so.


Fourth: sit and have a beer or two. 

*Do not do coke.  You won’t be hungry.


Fifth:  Get yourself a packet of Ramen noodles: red, green, blue, pork, chicken- it doesn’t matter.

Do what it says on the back of the package.


Sixth:  Crack an egg in there and beat it around for a moment.


Seventh:  Get ready for a fabulous meal for one.


Note:  If you have a date, don’t be stingy!  Use two packs of Ramen noodles.


Great, now you’re fed and happy it’s time to return to trying to forget about reality and other such subversive activity.








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    • jdh351 profile image

      jdh351 8 years ago from Chicago, IL

      I have found that during my college career, the best ramen noodles are the brands that come from Asian food markets. There are many delicious flavors and I would have to say that Korean and Japanese ones are my favorite. They require no doctoring because they are flavorful. However, they are near a buck a piece. Give it a try, graduate to authentic ramen.