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How to make Lazy Man's Beer Ribs

Updated on September 23, 2008

Lazy Man's Beer Ribs Recipe


Lazy Man's Beer Ribs

Here's an excellent recipe for baby back ribs that fall off the bone. This recipe is requires very little effort and can be made in any standard kitchen. Most importantly you get to cook with beer!

You need:

One rack of baby back (or regular spare)ribs

One large onion

One bottle of BBQ sauce, I like to use Sweet Baby Ray's or Dinosaur BBQ sauce

3-4 12oz. beers of your choice, I use Utica Brewing Co.'s Mississippi Mud

2-3 Table spoons of rub, rubs can be found in your spice isle or can be made from combining your favorite spices. I usually combine: chili powder, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, onion salt and black pepper for my rub.

A large cooking pot at least one gallon in size with a lid and a Pyrex pan.

  • -First, rinse the ribs in water and place into pot.

  • -Pour in 36-48 oz. of beer, enough to fully submerge the ribs
  • Note: You may need to use more beer if you are doing more than one rack or using a bigger pot

  • -Peel whole onion, cut in half and place in pot with ribs and beer

  • -Turn the burner to a medium heat and cover loosely allowing a little steam to escape

  • -Grab yourself a beer, sit down and relax, you're doing great

  • -Check ribs infrequently making sure that they are cooking evenly
  • Note: You may have to flip the rack if the ribs are cooing unevenly

  • -After 35 minutes of cooking time preheat oven on broil

  • -Now after 45 minutes test ribs with fork to see if the meat is separating from the bone

  • -Remove ribs from beer and place on Pyrex pan

  • -Allow to cool for 5-10 minutes until ribs are cool enough to handle

  • -Rub ribs on both sides with a generous proportion of the rub.

  • -Place ribs in broiler for 4-5 minutes or until crisp
  • Note: Make sure to keep a good eye on the ribs because they can burn fast

  • -Slather crispy side of ribs with BBQ sauce and flip ribs

  • -Let other side cook 4-5 minutes

  • -When crispy remove and slather BBQ sauce on the other side.

  • -Re-enter ribs for one minute

  • -Remove ribs, cut and enjoy.

Note: You can save the stock that you cooked the ribs in and make rib soup (see my rib soup recipe in a related article).

This recipe is an easy way to cook for the family and look like the man (or woman) all while having an excuse to consume several beers in the process. So grab a rack and a six pack and enjoy.


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