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How to make your kid to sleep through the whole night

Updated on July 7, 2008

Getting a good night's sleep is essential in order to be healthy, happy, and productive, especially for children. If your child is having trouble sleeping through the night, here are some tips that might help out.

Too much visual or audio stimulation can keep the brain active for hours after the viewing or hearing is over, so let them wind down from the day's activity by not using the television, radio, or computer for at least an hour before bedtime.

Falling into a peaceful rest requires a relaxed body in addition to a calm mind. Help your child to avoid intense physical activity, such as running around, playing ball, and so on as bedtime draws near. Taking a warm bath is also good as it soothes and relaxes the muscles, preparing the way for a pleasant night's sleep.

Eating a heavy meal or drinking caffeinated beverages shortly before bedtime should be avoided, and taking care of all bathroom related needs is of course a must.

Sleep research has found that to be able to sleep the full cycle, the body's internal temperature has to be lower. When your child gets into bed to sleep for the night, their body knows that it has to lower its temperature. If the room is warm and toasty (sometimes mistakenly associated with a good night's sleep), it's much more difficult to do so. If your child doesn't get any cooler, they may release stress hormones to assist in the process, which will cause them to feel restless. If they do sleep, it will usually be in shorter bouts because body temperature doesn't stay low enough to maintain deep sleep for very long. So if after taking measures to prepare for sleep restlessness still occurs, try lowering the temperature just a few degrees.

Lastly, one thing that I have found helpful to a good night's sleep is to have some white noise to keep my mind from churning thoughts of the day's activities. Many music and book stores sell CDs with nothing but the sound of a rainforest, a light thunderstorm in the distance, or waves brushing on the seashore. You could also google 'white noise generator' to find more products of this type.

Good luck!


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