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How to save money on vacation expenses

Updated on May 8, 2008

Two Great Ways To Save Money On Vacation

Save Money On Vacation By Staying Local

You can save money on this year's vacation by being a tourist in your own backyard. Vacation doesn't have to mean cramming the family into the car, driving for hours and spending hundreds of dollars on gas. You can save money and have just as much fun by staying local.

Chances are there are many interesting things to do within a 50 - 100 mile radius of where you live. To find interesting things to do, look at your area as a tourist would. Call the local Chamber of Commerce and ask for brochures that show exciting places and events.

You can plan day trips to places and events within easy driving distance. Not only will you save on hotel expenses but you will also gain a better appreciation for the things that are "right under your nose".

Save Money on Vacation By Camping

You can save money on your vacation by camping at a local park. Most people live within a short drive to a State or National Park. Make reservations to go camping with your family.

It still costs to camp in a park, but not as much as a hotel stay. In addition to saving money on accommodations, you will save money on entertainment. It doesn't cost you to hike on a nature trail. Considering that it costs on average of $15.00 a person to see a movie (including admission and popcorn) that is a great savings.In addition to saving money you will also enjoy the peace and quiet that a camping experience provides.

A great way to increase the fun of camping without increasing the expenses is to invite other families and friends to join you. It can be easier to get a group of people together to go camping locally then to drive a long distance to a resort. You will make some wonderful memories and strengthen the bonds of friendship as you toast marshmallows in a campfire on a moonlit night.

These are just two ideas of how you can save money on your vacation by staying close to home.


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    • stephhicks68 profile image

      Stephanie Hicks 9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

      great advice! we have a lot of wonderful things to see in our own neighborhood. With the price of fuel, who wants to drive a long distance?

    • shailini profile image

      shailini 9 years ago from Bangalore, India

      staying local..i am sure i have so many beautiful things within a few hours travel, that i have not visited..great advice