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How to strengthen your eye muscle?

Updated on November 18, 2007

Nowadays, eye can be easily tired because of too much watching TV or use of computer terminal. Just like any other muscle needs exercise to stay strong, eye muscle needs regular exercise as well.

Put your head into sink and open up your eye inside water. With your eyes open, move eye ball up and down 7 times. And take your face out of water and dry it.

Once again with your face in the water and eye open inside water, move eye ball circularly clock wise. Do this 7 times and take your face out and dry it.

One more time, you want to open your eyes inside water and move eye ball circularly counter-clock wise this time. Do this 7 times.

This exercise will help clean eye balls and eventually strengthen eye muscle and vision. Try it and see how it make a difference.

If it is too scary for you to put your face into water in the sink, I may allow you to exercise your eyes just in the air with the same instructions mentioned before. :)

Eye Health, Eye Exercise
Eye Health, Eye Exercise


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    • profile image

      Ann 7 years ago

      My Mother has very weak eye muscles. When she is out in shops etc her eyes will close and she becomes very frightened and always has to have someone with her when she goes out because of this. She has had her eyes checked and her eye sight is excellent but the eye muscles are very weak. She has been to a specialist and has undergone a series of botox injections in order to keeep the eye muscles taut and open. This procedure usually only lasts for 3 months at a time. She is not going to have this botox done again as she is older now and feels she is just not able for the injections anymore. Any other suggestions from you as to what she could try next...would appreciate some feedback and thanks.

    • profile image

      Johne540 3 years ago

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