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How to decide if you are ready for a cat?

Updated on September 18, 2007

At the last count we have 3 cats. However rather then going to an animal shelter or buying a cat from a pet store or a breeder, our cats chose us as their adoptive parents. Misko followed my brother for good 4 miles and when he has finally gotten here, he refused to leave.

My brother brought the gremlins home and even though the plan was to plump them up and find them good homes, they are currently roaming around the yard. If you are considering adding a feline companion to your family, there are some things to ponder before you take that leap. These are just some of things you should ask yourself to see if you are ready or not for living with cats.

· Is your family ready to adopt a cat? The reason this is important is if you do have children you would like them to learn responsibility that comes with having pets, jobs that will have to be done daily should be done or supervised by an adult. This includes regular meals and clean water, cleaning the litter, grooming the cat but also giving the cat necessary attention it craves to be a happy cat rather then a burden.

· How emotionally attached are you to your home furnishings? Even if you do provide your cat with a litter box as well as a scratching post and even if you do train them that does not mean accidents will not happen. Gizmo was litter trained however had a brief titz of misbehaving so every morning I woke up to a little pile of poo on the carpet. Thank God that was sorted out fairly quickly as he was craving attention, but that did not mean we did not have to clean the carpet. Do not take a cat and give up on it too soon. Will your feline companion be more important then your carpets?

· Is your family financially ready for a cat? Or more cats? Truth be told the cost does add up and I do speak from experience. Important cost is the good quality food, because even though you might think you are saving money by buying cheap cat food in this time of food recalls that is one item that should not be skimped on. If you are getting a kitten, you will not believe how much cat litter you will need. Veterinary costs do add up, we had 2 emergency vet visits in a span of a month and that is without the annual check up, vaccinations, spaying or neutering. Can your family's budget take the strain?

As you can see from the above these are just some of the things to consider. My intention is not to be a harbinger of doom and gloom but fact of the matter is to adopt any type of animal requires dedication and commitment. And with shelters across the world filled with abandoned cats it is a legitimate question - will you run at the first sign of trouble or will you stay?


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