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How to prepare your home for a cat

Updated on September 20, 2007

If you have weighted the pros and cons of adding a feline addition to your family, there are certain things to do before you even bring your new cat home. To help your cat get acclimatized to the new surrondings your should purchase all of the listed items.

  1. Cat food of the highest quality that can afford. If you are getting a kitten look at special kitten food available. And it would be recommendable to do some research on different brands of cat and kitten food available as with numerous recalls you want to make sure you are giving your cat the best food you can find but that will also be most beneficial to its health.

  2. Cat litter and a litter box (if you are getting a kitten buy a smaller litter box with lower rinds, while for bigger cats you would be better off buying bigger box with high rinds as they tend to scatter the litter around with their vigouros digging)

  3. Cat carrier as you should not even think about transporting your cat anywhere without a cat carrier as this can be very traumatic for both you and the cat.

  4. Food and water bowls - here I would recommend getting aluminum bowls as plastic can be a source of bacteria as well as the fact you will have to clean it regularly to avoid plague build up. If you can splash on a water fountain as cats do like their water fresh and full of oxygen.

  5. Cat scratching post - while this might seem like a luxury if you do like to train your cat to stay clear from your furniture it would be best to try and install positive habits as soon as possible.

  6. Cat toys - cats do need their toys or they will get very bored very easily. Toys infused with catnip should give them plenty of entertainment.

  7. Cat bed - this is an additional item which you should prepare regardless if you decide to buy or make one yourself. Cats love having their own space for napping so use cloths or towels to give them that comfort but also that you can dump in the wash regularely.

Space looking cat litter box
Space looking cat litter box

When it comes to your house, especially if you are getting a young cat it would be wise to remove trinkets and anything of value that might break. For my cats it was my DVDs and books (they simply loved scatering them around the room).

Also cats can jump pretty high so keep that in mind when you look over your house even if you think they cannot possibly get to that precious candlestick on the top shelp - remove it. Cover your sofas and loungers with blankets, covers or anything you have at hand. Cords on your drapes and blinds should be tied up and out of reach to avoid any possibility of your cat getting tangled in them. Check the plants you have in your home to ensure they are not poisonous for cats, if they are remove them somewhere safe.


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