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I Amuse Myself By Googling "Sarah Palin Is An Idiot"

Updated on October 1, 2008

Sarah Palin Is An Idiot

I've never been much for politics and frankly I wouldn't know the little that I do know about this campaign with Obama and McCain if it weren't for the prevalence of the media in this day and age. You really would have to be a moron. I mean I *avoid* listening to anything a politician has to say, but I must say Palin has absolutely galvanized me like no other candidate ever has, except maybe Kennedy (I'm that old).

Watching her is like looking at a train wreck. You want to turn away because its so awful but you just have to look. I can't look at her straight on though (I feel embarrassed for people making asses of themselves). I have to kinda cover my eyes and peek through my hands - like I do at scary movies. So as the U.S. goes more and more down the tubes, I watch in fascinated horror.

With Halloween approaching I like to scare myself with thoughts, like, "Suppose McCain gets elected and then has a heart attack and this moron, even stupider than Bush, if that's possible, becomes our president!!!" Horrified and fascinated at the same time...I'm in genuine awe. Is her husband just as stupid? Isn't anyone in her family watching her? Why won't someone in the McCain camp or her family shut her the hell up!!!! Would you allow a loved one to make an ass of themselves on national television? Bush is an idiot without a script but you get the impression he's a sly moron.l

Not since Dan Quayle misspelled potato on national television has there been such a unique combination of beauty and no brains (excluding Paris Hilton). Hey I like my men like that, but not my president! Anyway, its good to see that people with disabilities also have a chance at the Presidency. This is truly a great country.

I now amuse myself by Googling things like "Palin is an idiot" and "Palin is a moron", to find blogs and stuff written by other horrified yet fascinated ordination citizens.

And I bet that's how you found this site!

Sarah Palin On The U.S. Economy - Scarey!!!!

Sarah Palin On U.S. Foreign Policy - Get Your Tickets Out of the Country Now!!!

Sarah Palin Explains How She is So Knowledgeable, Um, Like She, Like Read A Lot of Stuff! Buy That Ticket Yet???!!!!!

Sarah Palin Is Good For Something!!!! - Showing Her Ta-Tas to Horney Foreign Heads of State!!!! Don't Buy That Ticket Yet!

I (We) Rest Our Case!!!!!

Sarah Palin Is Smarter Than Your Fifth Grader

Sarah Palin Is Smarter Than Your Fifth Grader. Yes, she is or No, she is not. Your 5th Grader Knows About Foreign Policy From His/Her "Weekly Reader"!

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    • profile image

      Tyrone 7 years ago

      Bill O'Reilly is part of a evil that just won't go away WHITE RACISM!The power in this country is in the people! Shamefully misuse of this power is the practice of America! The majority which is white Americans has never believe in America's Constitution nor in equality for all Americans! That the reason America needed a Civil Rights Bill"! This sick behavior is never address properly and with the lack of white leadership will continue for century to come! Fox News has a group of very white and very rich men that have a reason to keep the country hating and divided! They get rich and richer while the have not and the just getting along are fighting each other and hating one another! Americans must wake up and see this attack on President Obama and Democrats is only to keep hate and divide alive. To think that President Obama is under attack when he receive the mess Republicans mess up! While he is trying to clean up Republican mess. He must deal with attack on his citizenship attack on his religion attack of his wife and family. All the name calling and a Republican Party that want him and the country to fail! Just to say President Obama is a failure! Under President G.W.Bush the country suffer with horrible decision that lead to needless American deaths in Iraq! There where NO weapon of mass destruction"! It is so sick that President Bush will never answer for the needless deaths of American troops.Nor will white Republicans see it as a issue! They will rather attack President Obama who is ending the needless war in Iraq and saving American troops lives! White Americans seem to be so misguided and uninformed about what make America America! This country big lie that we as a people came together after 9/11 was nothing but talk! Whites just added Muslim to people to hate along with Russian, Germans, Hispanic, Iraqi, Mexican, all the people of Afghanistan gay people.

    • Paulie profile image

      Paulie 7 years ago

      I believe that woman is power crazy and would press the button and send us all to hell. Her "rallies" look like KKK rallies. She's nothing but a hate monger. A well known writer (can't recall his name right now), moved near her home to get a feel of her (he's writing a book about her). In an interview about his experience, one of the most striking things he said was that one thing for sure, that woman generated plenty of hate. He said he got some of the worse, most threatening phone calls from her supporters. I for one will be glad when Obama's term is over, simply to see who or what everyone is going to blame the state of the country on. As far as I can see corporate executives dragged this country into the ground with their bonuses, trips to Europe, golden parachutes, and private schools for their spoiled brats, who I can bet you are NOT serving in the military. It has always been look over there so you can't see my hand in your pocket over here. It's all smoke and mirrors to distract the sheeple from the REAL culprits.

      I called her an "idiot" I take that back. She is crafty and as slick as snot. She took her 15 minutes and ran with it. She's got people snookered while she makes herself rich, rich, rich while everyone else is losing their homes and jobs. She doesn't give a damn about anyone but money and power. She's making millions while people are losing their jobs. She's nothing but a reality show disaster. She's knows exactly how to tap into people's hate and prejudice. She's using people like the idiot puppets they are. Yeah, she's an uneducated idiot, but she is one slick hussy. You don't always need brains to succeed. All you need is cunning and a total disregard for honesty and integrity and that lady has none of those two things.

      Soccer mom my ass.

    • profile image

      Tyrone 7 years ago

      I think Sarah Palin on top of being plain stupid is a hypocrite, she is a hired hand of the Republican Party to say what she is told to say! She's on a 15 day tour of spreading hate and attacking President Obama, she never was a hockey mom, you can't be at your kids hockey game when you're in Las Vegas. I always thought Palin was a idiot, but since she quit her job, and turned into a paid spokesman for the racist "Republican Tea Party" she prove it.She smelled money,and fame over the American people,she has lost self respect and that of a lot of people. It's too bad she let the almighty dollar ruin her life and now her kids life! I wonder who watches the kids while the mom and daughter are doing the Hollywood scene. Sarah Palin is a direct reflection of white Republicans......phoney! Un American and stupid is an understatement when talking about Sarah Palin. Today on the "View'' Levi Johnston was interview his claim to frame was impregnating Sarah Palin underage daughter. Now the 20 year old unemployed high school drop out Levi is running for Mayor! He is just as stupid as Sarah Palin! But the women on the View didn't asked any hard question. They made light of his ignorance and creating a child he does not see or take care of financially! Whoopie even stated that she didn't want people to see him as a joke! Sarah Palin came on the scene and attack and made false allegation about Senator Obama. Then did a interview and the world saw she was a idiot and should never be near the White House! After the interview Sarah Palin blame her lack of knowledge and stupidity on the interviewer! Levi didn't do that he just stated I DON'T KNOW!

    • profile image

      Jennifer 8 years ago

      Paulie I couldn't agree with you more !!!

    • Paulie profile image

      Paulie 9 years ago

      I was ambivalent until McCain picked Palin as VP. Now she and her redneck trailer park family can go back where they came from. She's had a taste of the big city - bet huntin', fishn', drinkin', and f*&kin' won't look so appealing after her 15 minutes of fame Hey are those $150,000 worth of clothes still going to charity? Or will they be kept as a consolation prize. She had tears in her eyes. Boo-hoo-hoo. Can anyone say *LOSER*? Boo-yah. Buh-bye.

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 9 years ago from UK

      Shame on you boys! And I thought you guys woz intellectuals!

    • Misha profile image

      Misha 9 years ago from DC Area

      Shades tells THE TRUTH!

    • Shadesbreath profile image

      Shadesbreath 9 years ago from California

      She's hawt, the other stuff doesn't matter. Hawt chicks rule.

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 9 years ago from UK

      Me too, for what it's worth! I'm appalled by people's superficial attitude to politics. It's the same here, of course, and the same the world over. But seriously, why do voters not get past how 'hawt' (?!?) the candidate is, or the colour of their skin, or whether their middle name sounds vaguely muslem, and instead look at what they stand for, and what they have to offer? It's a strange world, isn't it?

    • Paulie profile image

      Paulie 9 years ago

      Basically, that is my point. At least be able to field a question. I don't believe any of the candidates have the answer, but they at least can field a question and do give me the impression that with advisors at hand will be able to deal with foreign policy. There are those out there that will stop at nothing to annilihate *anyone* that is non-Muslims (Christians, Catholics, Protestants, Jewish, Buddhists, you name it) and the thought of having that idiot talking to world leaders scares the hell out of me.

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 9 years ago from UK

      Hi Paulie,

      I'd seen some of these clips before, but not all. It's scary stuff from where I'm sitting on the other side of the Atlantic, so it must be even more worrying on your side of the pond! It doesn't even matter if she doesn't know enough to answer these routine questions about foreign policy and her reading habits, but she should be able to field normal journalistic questions with reasonable aplomb, and as you say, dazzle us with bullshit. This lady could be one heart attack away from the White House. Europe is suffering the fall-out of eight years of George Bush, do we need more of the same? Like a hole in the head.

    • profile image

      Paulie 9 years ago

      Her accent?? I've lived in 5 different states, traveled extensively on business, and have had various accents myself over the years. *Everyone* has an accent. I tend to pick up accents, so I've had quite a few. Calfornia's broad, flat one, New York's and New Jersey's nasal tones, Georgia's drawl, and Boston's own unique nasal.

      I've also been to Alaska unlike yourself and found it an absolutely beautiful state.

      No, I just think she's stupid. It's okay to be stupid. A lot of us are, but then we're not running for Vice President with a chance of being President. I don't know squat about politics, which is why I'm not running. Hell, I don't know squat about a lot of things which why I'm none of those things either. The particular job that I do have I'm educated for and I'm damned good at it. I tend to do what I am good at and leave what I'm not good at to others who are better suited.

      See my ego is so secure that I can admit where I'm ignorant and leave those issues to other more intelligent, more capable, and better informed folks. She's an idiot and apparently her ego or personality is such that she doesn't give a damn about the rest of us, but would accept a job for which she is completely unqualified and unprepared and is apparently so stupid and so self-unaware she would go on national television for all to see how ignorant she is on so many topics that are important to this country - our economy, foreign relations, the war in Iraq, terrorism, healthcare, education - to name a few.

      At the very least if I was for some bizzare reason thrust into this position, I would google "Bush Doctrine" and find out what the hell that is before being interviewed on TV you moronic spammer. When I got the job I currently have held for the past 8 years and went on and got some books on the topic and prepared myself before I ever stepped foot in the door, then I interviewed people who had held my position before me to get some additional information, and then I observed others that were experienced that I wanted to emulate while retaining my own unique way of doing things. I also drew on my many years of experience and adapted and applied it to the new experience.

      And, yes, I do think a lot of people are stupid. And, yes, I am a snob. What a lot of people lack most is not intelligence, but commonsense. I've known many an intelligent person that lacked this quality. Also, a lot of people don't "get" things. They are unable to pick up cues and clues. They cannot infer. They don't "read between the lines". I think those are skills that are even more important than intelligence because they help you wend your way through this world. Intelligence can get in the way. But savvy will always get you through. If this woman was savvy, she would be able to dance around the issues with nimble feet and dazzle us with bullshit. She can't even fake it.

    • Blackberry profile image

      Blackberry 9 years ago

      It could be that your a snob and think everyone is stupid but you. I think your dislike for Sarah is the fact that she has a accent and that she comes from Alaska which you believe is like coming from another planet.

    • Paulie profile image

      Paulie 9 years ago

      No, for some bizzare reason I have become galvanized by Sarah Palin, I can't explain it. Sometimes one cannot explain their horrified fascination for something. It just is. Almost like love at first sight. I think the Italians call it, "The Thunderbolt".

    • DK5 profile image

      DK5 9 years ago

      You should try googling Joe Biden is an idiot. It shows him telling a man in the wheelchair to stand up. It gets better. Biden was talking the other day about when Franklin Roosevelt was speaking on tv during the great depression.There are a couple of slight problems with that one. He has even had a Hillary moment when he said he was forced down by sniper fire in Afghanastan. Problem was he was lying. Since being picked for VP he has done all this. Do you feel embarresed for him?

    • zaheer1963 profile image

      zaheer1963 9 years ago

      Hello Sara Palin. u write well.