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I Can’t Help Myself, I Love Michelle Obama…Oh Yeah And Her Husband

Updated on August 27, 2008

I try to stay away from all of the politics until about a week before I go to vote. This way I can just go about my daily life without being encumbered by the stress of trying to pick a candidate something like two years before the election is even going to take place. It never ceases to amaze me how much time, energy and money is spent on these campaigns. I wish we spent the money on something more important like helping the homeless and getting health care for everyone but I guess you can't really expect the candidates to just paint some posters, hang them up and give out cupcakes with their slogan on them (like back in high school). Though personally I do believe that I'm onto something here with that idea. So when I happened to turn on the television last night about ten minutes before the end of the coverage of the Democratic convention, I didn't expect to be sucked into what I saw however, sucked in I was and I can only say that I can't help myself, I love Michelle Obama...oh yeah and her husband - Don't Get Me Started!

I refuse to listen to anyone who says anything to the contrary, what I witness was a fabulous speech delivered expertly by a fabulous woman. A smart woman, a woman who not only seems as though she could (and should) be first lady but that could also be a friend. I heard some analysts say that she needed to give more of an insight about who Barack is as a man at home but what I saw was an eloquent woman who shared with the world how someone as self possessed and intelligent as herself would vote for her husband and why we should too. Brava!

I don't know about you but I'm really tired of the mealy mouth Laura Bush types for first lady. I want a first lady who knows what she's talking about but won't scare the public like a Hillary Clinton. You see, I think Hillary scares everyone because let's face it, if you met up with her or Laura Bush in a dark alley you know Hillary would "cut you" in a second. (Whereas Laura Bush would just bore you to death while wearing another bad sweater set!)

No, Michelle Obama seems to have it all. She's smart, funny, and conversational in her demeanor and seems to be a great mother too. And even while I'm writing this I know that somewhere McCain is trying to find some way to discredit her or make us believe the Obamas are simply not ready. So allow me to fire back, preemptively if you will - I'm waiting for someone to come up with the analogy of McCain being a prisoner of war and the movie, "The Manchurian Candidate" (the original one with Angela Lansbury at her scariest!) - we don't know what happened while they were keeping him a prisoner, do we? Maybe the hairless cat has been "programmed" without our knowledge. (Okay, farfetched but is it really so different than the "celebrity" crap they're slinging at Obama?)

But back to Michelle Obama - she's the closest thing we're ever going to get to having Oprah in the White House. Not because they're both black women, not because they're both educated women, not because they're both seemingly effortless and tireless in their concern for the country and its inhabitants, because all of those reasons. We need her and we need the hope she and her husband inspire. We need, dare I say it "MObama" and her husband because they're not just the right choice, they're the only choice. So forget about the hairless cat and "Guy Smiley" (Mitt Romney) who will most likely be his running mate and join us Obama lovers. Like the O'Jays sang so eloquently back in the day, "People all over the world - join hands - start a love train, love train..." I can't help myself, I love Michelle Obama...oh yeah and her husband - Don't Get Me Started!

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OMG - Out of the mouth of Scott to the floor of the convention. According to CNN, Obama was officially named the Democratic Party's nominee for President and... "There were hugs and handshakes as "Love Train" blasted from the arena speakers." You heard it here first this morning!!!



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    • moonlake profile image

      moonlake 9 years ago from America

      pacwriter..........So right.

    • pacwriter profile image

      pacwriter 9 years ago from North Carolina

      Marxism and socialism are the best two words todescribe O & M. A quick read of many of their writings from college and later are as far from middle America values as you can go.

      O has no problems saying an unwanted child can be disposed of. He and she both see no problems with raising a child to harvest a needed organ. Both believe earning from corporation should go to workers more than stock-holders.

      You may love them but before you hug them too tightly, get to know what they really think and not what they are saying.

    • DonnaCSmith profile image

      Donna Campbell Smith 9 years ago from Central North Carolina

      I think she is going to be one super duper First Lady! Smart, elegant, and caring.

    • dineane profile image

      dineane 9 years ago from North Carolina

      listening to Obama now, and couldn't agree with you more.