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I Have A Crush On IRON MAN

Updated on November 14, 2008

Amazing Power Not To Mention Good Looks

It's true I have a massive crush on Iron Man well.. at least I used too. As a child I was enticed by his good looks, charm, money and not to mention all that steel. What's not to love? I have dreamed of him between my on and off again crushes with the Beatles and various comic book characters that my older brother bought and brought home to read. But IRON MAN was my favorite that is until Robert Downey Jr. got a hold on him.

Granted Downey did a good job and I enjoyed the story line yet something was missing when I looked at RD's face or glanced at his figure. I was used to the chiseled comic book jaw and awesome height that Tony Stark was known for, (hey the guys got to live out their fantasies with Ms. Jolie in Laura Croft). Downey did not bring back to me the feeling I got when Tony Stark became his alter ego. Iron Man was a towering, shining mass of steel born out of Stark's height and broad shoulders. Just looking upon him instilled fear in his enemies. Poor Downey was just under Gwyneth Paltrow's (Pepper Potts) stilettos.

When I thought of Downey Jr. encased in the steel suit I had a hard time believing that I was looking at anyone taller than I was. Sigh, love lost, the bubble burst, life....sigh...must go on. For those who did not see the movie yet I will say that dispite my fading fantasy the movie was good.

My only hope is that if a number two of Iron Man is made that Downey will have won me over or the producers would cast someone else who fits the bill. Sort of like how they have done Batman or Superman.

By the way I believe after a series of good starts and bad attempts at money makers the producers finally got it totally right with Christian Bale as Batman. He is someone who I believe fits closely to the overall look of the Dark Knight as well as his character. However,if you haven't seen it (I believe most people have) check it out. It definity is a guy and a chick flick rolled into one.

I give the movie three stars!

Your friendly universal,



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