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I Swam With The Dolphins At Unexso; Grand Bahama Island

Updated on January 16, 2009

You know when people tell you that you absolutely have to do something, in order to achieve some high holy enlightenment on life, or the soul; it's pretty annoying isn't it?

Usually these ridiculous speeches primarily come from rich douche-bags who just got back from some paradise vacation.

'Dude you totally have to go to Fiji... it's like rejuvenating to the soul, har har harrr'.

Its almost as if they think they are better than you, and they have to rub it in by mentioning that their soul has been rejuvenated on because they could afford to rejuvenate it. Bastards. It makes you want to spue, vomit, upchuck your chilly fries all over them.

My brother went to the Bahamas before me. I was jealous, and have no issue admitting that. I never thought I'd go. However the moment this bastard came home with speeches on how 'rejuvenated his soul was', and that if I 'ever' go, I 'have to swim with the dolphins, because if I didn't I'd be missing out on this life changing experince'.


Regardless though, the bragging got to me; so much so that I began looking online for places to stay in the Bahamas for under $2,000 for one week.

I found a place, and before booking the trip, I actually went onto Travelocity about 100 times before hitting the actual 'Book Vacation Now' button.

I have this issue when it comes to competing with my brother. So naturally I wanted to do everything he did; only I had to be sure to add 10 more other activities to do, so I could come home and rub it in. Even if a hurricane struck us while vacationing, I was going to come back and brag like I had never bragged before. I was going to sink to the lowest low... and act like my vacation was 100 times better than his life altering one. I was going to come back with the great Gusto in bragging. Eat that sucka!

I am not too keen on big fish though, and even though he kept saying I HAD to swim with dolphins, my heart was never really into it. Regardless though I knew if I came back without having swam with Dolphins, he would somehow manage to make me feel like I missed out on something huge.

While on Grand Bahama Island, I found a booklet mentioning a place called Unexso. For around $80pp, I had the option to swim with the dolphins one on one for an hour. I could splurge and spend more for an open ocean dolphin swim, or I could go cheap and simply do an encounter for about $40.00.

There was no way in hell I wanted to do an 'Open Ocean' swim, because the title of that activity brought me back to that shark movie, and I wanted no part of it.

Instead we took the swim.

We had to arrive in Port Lucaya and take a 15-20 minute small ferry/charter ride over to the port that Unexso was located.

The ferry ride alone was spectacular, but still though, nothing life altering here.

Half way through the canals we traveled down I spotted a large abandoned ship in the distance.

It looked like an old pirate ship. I was starting to feel the excitement now. I never in my life saw something so neat, just sitting there, alone in the middle of a canal.

Once we arrived I began to feel anticipation buiding up. However that anticipation got shot down due to the speech we got before we were able to unload from the ferry. It was your basic instructions on what to expect, what to do, and what not to do.

For instance, you can't go raising your arms in the air, because you may in fact be instructing one of the dolphins to do a trick.

After the speech the group was separated into 2. Luckily for us, only 2 other people signed up for the swim. The rest of the fools went to do the encounter.

We were greeted by our fun tour guide, and normally guides are not fun, but this chick kept us entertained with her quirky sense of humor, and dolphin jokes.

We were then given a set of swim fins, and taken over to a large enclosed swimming area in the canal.

Here we met our two dolphins. One named Coral, and another one, which for some reason slipped my memory. The only reason Coral sticks out was because we were told time and time again Coral had an attitude. It rang true too, I'll fill you in later on.

I was a little afraid to hop into the water, because the dolphins were huge. Whenever they would make surface it was startling because they'd pop up, and sink back down into the water.

While in the water, I kept thinking one was going to come up and push me into the air.

Unfortunately for me, the dolphins didn't seem to pay me much mind. They were however in love with the other couple that was in the water with us. I think having a tampon shoved up my pee hole may of had something to do with it. We were told dolphins are sensitive to things, and maybe they could sense I was corking something up.

The swim was decent, but seeing that the interactions were slim for me, I was a little heart broken. I was expecting this life altering soul rejuvinating experince, but the dolphins clearly disliked me. Coral in particular actually smacked me with her tail. It was like a force of underwater propelling power that freaked me out. Although it did not hurt, it gave me a very clear picture on how powerful and strong these creatures are.

At any rate though, the experience was a hell of a lot of fun. When the dolphins did swim along side me, I got to touch their slippery soft skin, and I was pretty amazed at how soft they were. I was expecting their skin to be jagged like sandpaper, but it's more like silk.

We also got taught a command by the guide. Each and every one of us took turns commanding the dolphins by using arm and hand signals. For instance a certain gesture means spit, wave, slap high 5, kiss, hug, etc.

Before getting out of the water, we also got to swim along side both of them in a special manner to take professional photos, which we could later buy back at Port Lucaya for only $20 a sleeve, which is not bad at all.

After the swim, we were then led up the dock, into a small hidden tropical forest like area, where many different types of parrots and macaws were. Here we got to feed the birds... one of them even liked making out, and would stick its tongue out for a kiss.

Overall I will say that even though my soul didn't feel rejuvinated, I did throughouly enjoy the experince, and have a memory filled with gorgoues and wonderful adventures from that day.

Unexso is something that I would definitely regret not doing. I'm hoping to return sometime this year and see if the dolphins will like me better when I'm not corked.


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      8 years ago


    • Lgali profile image


      9 years ago


    • MellasViews profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Earth

      2 girls.

    • Lgali profile image


      9 years ago

      nice pictures Dolphins was male or female?

    • MellasViews profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Earth

      lol. lol. lol. The one dolphin didn't dig me at all. I had flippers on though, so they didn't see my middle toe. lol.

    • goldentoad profile image


      9 years ago from Free and running....

      They probably thought your middle toe was flipping them off too.


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