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I Wonder If Apple Computers Is Hiring Virus Writers/Hackers To Ruin Google's Android Operating System?

Updated on October 31, 2008

Some people might be aware that Google released an Open-Source-Mobile-OS-Platform called "Android". Unlike Windows Mobile, PalmOS, iPhoneOS, ect; Android is Open-Source. Much in the same way JavaME is for Standard-Mobile-Phones. Which means Anyone can alter it. This is done so more people can create Free & Pay Applications for the OS. Mozilla's Firefox and Thunderbird clints are examples of Open-Source software. You can get the software's Source-Code from their web site and do really whatever you want with this. Open-Source is also a ((PLAGUE)) to companies like Microsoft and Apple Inc, because both of those companies charge crazy-high prices for their software.

I was surprised that not too long after Google released their very First Android-Powered-PDA on T-Mobile USA's network; that some piece of trash created a Virus for the OS. Virus Writers are the lowest of the low when it comes to the Tech-World. They spend their free time hiding behind computer screens; finding new ways to hurt others. They are Cowards to say the least. Even some pathetic purse snatcher steals from people Face-to-Face. So I ((HATE)) Hackers & Virus Writers; which are often times one-in-the-same.

But when I started thinking more about this problem, I relaized that Apple Inc faces the biggest problem from an Open-Source-Mobile-OS. They sell the iPhone-PDA; which I have (NOT) been impressed with at all. But people buy the PDA because Humans can be Brainwashed into doing anything. So many people just want to fit-in, so they follow the Current-Trends. Besides the iPhone being a complete waste of money in my opining; there is a bigger issue at play. Apple has 100% control over their iPhone OS. They can prevent anyone they want from creating applications for the OS. And when they do allow a company to create software for their iPhone; they can charge Pretty Much Anything They Want To. In contrast, Android is Open-Source. So let's say I wanted to create a new peice of software. I can either create it for Apple, and be forced into their Bull **** terms. Or I can just create FREE software for Android. Guess which side will end up winning? To find out just look at Standard-Mobile-Phones. Something like the BREW-OS; which is what a carrier like Verizon Wireless uses, has Royalty-Issues, and Terms created by the company who owns the software rights; Qualcomm. JavaME, which is owned by Sun Micro Systems is Open-Source. So where BREW is ((BARELY)) supported; JavaME can be found on cell phones all over the PLANET.

It's not a crazy idea that a company like Apple Inc; who NEEDS royalties badly; would then hire Third-Party-Hackers to do ((Everything)) in their power to Ruin Android's chances. The iPhone ISN'T the first PDA; it is just the first to offer some of the more advanced features. So what will happen if in 5 years; Apple is still Milking the very same design of the iPhone? Just creating worthless updates that other NOTHING in the way of new features. While at the same time, Android is then found on hundreds of devices worldwide? Apple would then be weaken, and Possibly Dead. Look at Palm Inc. They created a powerful PDA in the form of the Treo 600; fixed some of the bugs with the Treo 650; then did Absolutely Nothing for years. Palm Inc just kept milking the same Core-Design of the Treo and made these little so-called updates; that ended up really just being a trick to Con customers into buying their newest Treo's. Now look at the company. Palm Inc is on the verge of going out of business

So I wouldn't be shocked if Google within the next year or two; files a Lawsuit against Apple: claiming that Apple hired Hackers to ruining the imagine of Android. And if you think my thoughts are really out-there; then you don't follow Tech all that closely. I have lost track of how many lawsuits are filed by Tech companies, Against other Tech-Companies; related to issues like this.

((NOTE: I Have Disabled Commenting. This Hub Is About (MY) Feelings & Thoughts On The New Wave Of Viruses For The Google Android-OS. I Don't Want It Turning Into An Argument Between Loyalist Of Both Sides. These Are (MY) Thoughts & Feelings; So There Is No Need For Others To Post Comments. Especially When Those Comments Would Be Bias; Based On Your Own Personal Likes/Dislikes. Sorry, But I Don't Want To Debate Anything, With Anyone. I Hope You Understand.))

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