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I am a Free Thinker

Updated on December 22, 2011

"Yes" I am a Free Thinker

"Yes" I am a Free Thinker

I recently read an article on, and it was a Reality Check. It reminded me that I am a person with my own mind and that I am allowed the opportunity to use it as I see fit. So often, we tend to forget our own agenda and just get caught up with the majority. Casually flowing along life.
Well people it is time to wake up. Snap out of it. No more conforming to meet the needs of society. No more just flowing along. I am a “Free Thinker” with a mind that allows for no manipulation from media propaganda, government lies, or social pressures. All of which are designed to deaden the mind. The majority of the public, brain dead. Only total conformity is permitted. No individualism. No way to express your self or your thoughts or your idea’s. You are part of the masses. You are “Just Flowing Along”.
I refuse this type of life, completely. I am not going to flow along as part of the majority. I am a “Free Thinker” I do not need someone telling me when to get up or when to go to work or when to eat, drink, sleep, or shit. I don’t need someone telling me where I can or can not go or when to be there, or what to say, or how to dress, or how to act, bla, bla, bla, ya, ya, ya, etc, etc, etc……………I am an individual with a mind of my own and I know how to use it. I am a “Free Thinker’…Yes, I am!
If your a free thinker or you just don't want to be apart of the masses just flowing along than your the one's I'm trying to appeal to. We are a limited few (Free Thinkers) and although we have little to no control over the powers to be we do have complete and total control over our own selves. We are our own keepers. We have to take responsibility for all of our actions. We must own up and constantly strive to be a better person, doing what’s right. We must take back our lives‘. Stand tall and be proud and not afraid to stand out or be different. We must speak up and make ourselves heard. We must be what we were all born to be. Human ! Independent, unique, individual, We were not born to be herded through life as a flock of sheep. Always being lead to where we can eat, where we can drink, or where we will sleep. We are “Free Thinkers” we are Human.
Most things born to this planet we call earth go from birth to death focused on only two all important things. 1, is to eat and the other is to reproduce. That’s it. As Human’s we are born with one thing that no other, is born with. We are born with the ability to “Reason”. Make decisions on our own about things that effect us. Right or wrong good or bad . And along with the ability to “Reason” we also have the ability to “Learn” That’s what allows us to be ‘Human” That’s what allows us to be “Free Thinkers”
And that is where I'm at now. No more dead end job, no more just flowing along, conforming, no more going with the flow, blah. blah. blah....I control my life. I control my mind. My goal is to wake people up, show them another way of living one that allows them to control the end result. Not someone else. And I need help from people like your selves, “Free Thinkers”. I need your help to wake up the stilled minds of so many people just flowing along. Yell at them if you half to ,or slap them in the face, or what ever it takes. Wake them up and allow them the opportunity to decide for their selves. If they are alert enough to make the decision to be apart of the masses just flowing along then leave them to do as they so choose. Some people are only able with in their own mind to be a follower. We can show them another way but we can not force them to take it !
When I was apart of the so called norm just flowing along, I thought I had a lot of friends, all of whom said: “Ya Bro” we have your back, but when I turned to see where they were, all I heard was,” We'll be Right Back” much for friends. They deserve what ever they get. Only thing is they have to share with billions of the mass no thinking public, Just Flowing Along !
My friends, I'm looking for a gift from you. Not just for me but for your friends, your family, anyone close enough to you that can hear you. From one “Free Thinker” to another. If it is with in you to help by contribution, Than speak out, take someone by the hand and lead them for a while. Actions do speak louder than words. Take control of your own lives. Don’t give in to the propaganda, don’t conform to what the media says or what our government says. Stand up and be your self, be “Human” Think for your self and lead life as you want to. And know this my friends. I can not possibly thank every person who speaks out and says “Wake Up” there will be many. But what I can do is give you my word that for each and every one who puts faith in them selves and breaks away from the “Norm” You will be rewarded with a life that only a true independent “Free Thinker” can acquire and enjoy.
If we all put forth an effort 10 fold , 100 fold to wake up as many minds as possible and allow them the gift of choosing for them selves, then with each and every mind pulled from the "flow" and allowed to develop and utilize all that is great and wonderful about the powers of independent free thinking, Than that my friends is what it is all about free thinking and that is

yours and my reward.


I'd like to thank all who actually read all the way down to the bottom of this. Weather it was because you believe in what I’m saying or just out of plain ol curiosity. I hope this didn’t come across as some idiot rambling and that at least some of you stopped and reflected and said to your selves. This guy is right, no more conforming no more just flowing along for I AM A FREE THINKER, yes I AM A FREE THINKER...................

Thank You all

and always strive for knowledge

R. Nicholson


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    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 9 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      You didn't come across as an IDIOT at all, give credit where credit is due as this article is interesting!! Don't forget to add more info about yourself and a pic or avatar. Welcome!!!