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I don't want to go back and YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!

Updated on January 3, 2009

Sometimes life feels like "Marley and Me"

I’ll admit it, my Christmas vacation/New Year's celebration hasn’t been one for the record books. Nobody would envy me or dream of my life during this past holiday season. However, what I think everybody would agree on is that time well spent is time away from stress and pure hmm....relaxation. Yes, there's nothing like it and when the time comes to return to the pressure and the grind you resist it, fight it and if your honest, whine and cry about it.


Well, welcome to my world, at least for the next 4 months. Hey, are you there too? Let me let off some steam for us, join in its o.k. you've got carte blanche to enter into the grip fest with me.


Down with the return of 80 hour work weeks and attitudes from those around you that spell m a s s i v e h e a d a c h e! You know what you are asking from us is unreasonable, so cut us a break and fake like you really care! I promise you will get better production and maybe a genuine hello when we see you in the morning. Susie and Johnnie please pick up the toys. You asked for them we got them, now I ask not to step or trip over them as I come in from earning this year’s birthday and Christmas presents.


Hey honey I love you but....pitch in! I am just as tired as you are so how about lending a helping hand pleasssse.


Oh pooch...dear little doggie/or pet loved as a family member, keep off the couch and please come when you are called after all the children are watching..


Sigh, I feel a little better, aww who am I kidding?


So I'll go….


Your friendly universal Riley


Sometimes the love we give to animals bites back.
Sometimes the love we give to animals bites back.


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