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A Guide to some mental fitness tips

Updated on August 12, 2008

Keep Fit and Be Contented

Our mind is our engine. Its needs proper maintenance's.

I'm not an adviser nor do I a psychologist. I learned it through my experience in life because I was born to be who I'm. I feel thankful that I can lives just as every human being do. As of now, I think the best education is experience, and the only thing is that experience just doesn't have a recognition as what we learned formally in universities. What a shame, yet our culture as human being eveloped through experience.

First is about our fitness. Everybody knows that if we are fit, we'll enjoy our life more. I learned from our old generation, their age between 70 to 80 years old, who still do their farming and their daily chores. They are a happy lots in their life because everyday they sweat a lots by doing their farming from morning to evening. They doesn't looked tired or look unhappy.

Second, be contented for whatever we have and how we looked like. By thinking and behaving as who we are, our thinking will always be positive towards everthing we do. If we have a task or whatsoever jobs to be done, just do it all heartedly, and never put it in mind that what we are doing is to please whosoever, because by the end of the day, the result of our works that count. This, in the end will give the best personal achivement, and the feeling is great.

A Long Journey in Life


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