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Updated on October 9, 2008

My story in internet marketing

Starting online biz is not simple and easy. It takes long time and process. Especially if we are totally newbie. There should be many things prepared and studied in advance before starting the business. If we just step on blindly ... we would face a lot of problems....and many end in despair. Being the victims of the experienced and tricky ones, spending a lot of money without gaining them back, or wasting our time learning by ourselves. It wouldn't happen if we have a little knowledge about internet marketing or online biz. At least we know the areas, so we could avoid anticipate the unexpected things. Many people are tempted by the 'instant money' offered on the net...and finally they should feel disappointed since they didn't get as they expect. No instant money as promised, and they should lose a lot of amount of money. That's why careful and don't be the next victim....

Reading other's experience or story related to that business might be very helpful since it might prevent you from doing the same mistakes...



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