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Ideas For Using Wedding Poetry

Updated on December 1, 2007

Weddings symbolize your love for one another. You are starting out a new life together and entering holy matrimony. What better way to show your love and devotion to one another when using wedding poetry at your wedding. Poets have been writing about love and marriage for centuries. You need not dig deep to find a fitting poem to use on your special day. If you love the idea of adding sentimental touch to your ceremony, here are some ideas for using wedding poetry on your big day.

Use Wedding Poetry on your Invitation

Many couples find that they are at a loss of words when it comes to wording their wedding invitations. You know you need to give the basic information about your wedding invitation, but you want to make your invitation as unique as you possibly can. You can include a line from your favorite poet on your wedding invitation. Your guests will see how much you love one another by this sweet touch.

Use Wedding Poetry on your Programs

Another way you can inject a little of your personality into your wedding is by using your favorite love poem on your wedding programs. This will entertain your guests as they wait for you to walk down the isle. Find something that the both of you love or if you are creative, come up with your own poem to reflect your love. You can easily have your favorite poem printed at the bottom of your program and you can even make your programs yourself on your computer.

Use Wedding Poetry in your Ceremony

Many couples love the idea of saying a few sentimental words to one another during the ceremony. The ceremony is a perfect time to share your love by reciting an enduring love poem. If you have trouble saying what you want to say, get online and research a wealth of poetry that you can use. You will find so many poems; you may have a hard time making a choice.

Use Wedding Poetry at your Reception

Another great idea is to use wedding poetry at your reception. Consider adding a few lines to your wedding party favors. For a completely different approach, try a humorous approach. You might give fortune cookies with love poems inside as a wedding favor. This is a fun way to get everybody in the mood to celebrate. Find funny poems about marriage and love and include those for a laugh or two. The reception is a time to lighten up and enjoy the evening.

Whatever you decide to stay or how you decide to read the poetry will add a personal touch to your wedding day. If you know what you want, you have the first part done and now you can decide how to convey the poetry in front of your guests.

Of course, there are many other inexpensive wedding favor ideas that you can use. Edible candies and cookies, custom-made love song CDs, disposable cameras, small photo albums, and personalized mugs and shot glasses top the list. You can even provide special wedding favors for the children that are attending your wedding such as coloring books and crayons. Whatever you decide to get out for wedding favors at your reception, make sure it is something that reflects your personality and is fun for your guests.

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