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I’m Aggrieved That The McGreevey’s Are Back In The News!

Updated on June 6, 2008

They both lived in the Governor's mansion, they both had book deals, they were both on Oprah but now they're both back in the news and I for one have had enough. The long suffering wife of the gay governor told her tale of ignorance and being supposedly duped all the while trying to sell her story to the book buying public. It didn't work. While Jimmy got himself a rich boyfriend, joined the seminary and tried to sell his own book. It didn't work either. Now they're both back in the news trying to finalize their financial ties together while both claiming poverty. Whatever. I'm aggrieved that the McGreevey's are back in the news! - Don't Get Me Started!

I had a little bit of sympathy for the wife when the whole thing came across every newspaper and website but as far as Jim goes, I always thought he was a little more McCreepy than McGreevey (Read that blog on hubpages here - To be honest, as a gay man I was more than embarrassed about the whole thing. I get it, there are a lot of gay men out there who realize (from a conscious perspective - because I think that sub consciously they know much earlier, big time) that they're gay later in life. Or they just decide that they can finally come out, or they're forced out by a Perez Hilton or an ex that wants money, fame or both but have a little class, will ya?

The way that Jim McGreevey conducted himself was absolutely gross. All that coverage of him at his sprawling estate, sipping tea with his big business lover while Dina McGreevey cried and tried desperately to get everyone to believe she was a victim. Yes, she was a victim, of her own stupidity and believing in a fantasy that frankly she should have known better about too. I don't believe that she had "no idea" that he was gay. I think she wanted the governor's mansion as much as he did and while they may never have come out and spoken about it, a dirty deal was made between them to get them both what they wanted.

So now they're in court and while Dina begs for money for maids, cooks and security, Jim is telling the world that he really can't get a job, that's he's all ready borrowed $200,000 from his lover (we should all have such lovers) and that he basically has no money to give her. Dina's lawyers are playing the angle that even Nixon made money on the tour circuit after his impeachment so McGreevey should get on that train but McGreevey claims the notoriety he's gotten from this whole scandal has made him worthless. (Well, for some of us he was worthless way before now)

I for one love one aspect of this whole case. You see, if gay marriage was legal then Dina's lawyers just might have a little something more to go on...they could go after Jim's husband's money but the knife doesn't cut both ways so guess what straight people? Welcome to our world. That's right, all that money and no way to get her hands on it. Hmmm. That's what it feels like for us gays who have been in relationships forever who pay higher taxes and get none of the rights associated with marriage as our straight counterparts. We see all that the straight people are entitled to with marriage and no matter how close we get to touching it, the Christians and old white men who run the government will always do whatever they can to keep it just out of our grasp. So I suggest that Dina get in touch with the organizations that raise so much money to work against gay marriage or rights for gays. Maybe they would like to have her as their poster child. Maybe they would like to foot the bill for her maids, cooks and security. As far as Jim goes, I really think he's just scum. I can't imagine him being able to give great lectures to young gays to inspire them to live their true selves. What could he possibly impart? How to be a sleazy politician and how to model your personal life after the same sleaziness? He can't teach anyone anything. Let him join the seminary, in my opinion they're perfect for one another. And while they both cry broke (even though they've both managed to be on Oprah, get book advances - even though the books didn't sell) I suggest they do what the rest of us do, which is go get a job and stop the whining. I'm aggrieved that the McGreevey's are back in the news! - Don't Get Me Started!

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