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Impressions of the Sarah Palin Joe Biden debate

Updated on October 2, 2008

Impressions of Sarah Palin vs. Joe Biden


Numerous times during the debate I heard Sarah Palin quote Ronald Reagan. I don't know why anyone would quote or reference Ronald Regan unless to make fun of his complete ignorance. I would like to cite the example of the Iran/Contra crisis where the Regan regime was responsible for supporting a totalitarian government and a rag tag group of heartless killers over a populist government. The Regan government used any means necessary from the illegal sale of weapons and drugs to support a group that even the U.S. Congress eventually turned its back on. He was essentially an actor turned puppet who carried out the wishes of an elite cadre hell bent on profiting at any cost. What happened to people quoting great thinkers like Buddha, Aristotle and Confucius? I guess we have arrived into the plastic era. I feel that the views expressed on both sides of the debate were incredibly far from reality.

What about oil? It is a force that is now so inextricably linked to our consciousness, it rules our lives. Of course everything we do is a footprint on the environment. The ecosystem is a plethora of delicate relationships that when violated as it routinely has been by man has catastrophic long term effects.

We are reaching an age of ignorance of unparalleled proportion. I rarely watch television, but, at a motel breakfast buffet in some Holiday Inn Express I was force to view the Today Show or some other monstrosity. On this program was an interview with Sara Palin's fashion consultant critiquing the vice presidential candidate's fashion choices. Is this what the world has come to? It is bad enough that the candidates spend two hours trying to avoid real issues like how Palestinian families have spent generations in concentration camps. Or how nuclear proliferation is wrong whether you are Iran, Pakistan or the United States. In addition, it is wrong to wage war on the nation of Afghanistan even if they are housing people who the American government now deems terrorists. These terrorists are people who were formerly funded by none other than the U.S. government. It is wrong under any circumstances to bomb innocent civilians regardless of their government's actions.

Is it just me or are these people just reading off some script. Numerous times I feel that the candidates strayed from the question asked onto some tangent. Why doesn't anyone say something or do people just not care? Don't we deserve more?

With regards to comments on the bailout, it is obvious that these CEOs making millions have continuously raped the American people and people abroad. To bail out any corporate head is to sell out all of the individuals with no such opportunity. That being said, the American people are famous for living beyond their means, thus the current economic crisis.

Most importantly, how can politicians barely discuss education, when it is a basic social institution that is grossly under funded? Every candidate speaks about education reform, but the quality content taught in schools continues to deteriorate under the stringent policies of a system based on standardized testing and a version of an obscure Texas program (no child left behind) that is a total failure. We live in a biased system where children in the inner cities who can't afford Andover like the Bush's are victims of circumstance. What happened to equality of opportunity to all Americans? I guess it never existed.

We have been lied to so often and with such disdain for our collective intelligence, we have every right to be leery, if not downright pissed. There is not one candidate in either party representing my firm political views on basic human rights for not only the inhabitants of the United States but for human beings around the world.

Both Sarah Palin and Joe Biden have lost touch with the issues that are vital to the present quagmire in our country and the future of the world we live in. It is one thing to call for change as both candidates did repeatedly. It is entirely another to come up with real solutions for the future.


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    • Loren Mayshark profile image

      Loren Mayshark 8 years ago

      Thank you Addie. I appreciate your response. If I had to pick one leader for America off the top of my head it would be Noam Chomsky.

    • profile image

      Addie 8 years ago

      Totally agree with you!! So eloquently said too. I wish the majority of the American public had the same views as we do. Just an idea, I would love to read your view points on who you think would be a great leader for America.