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6 Quick & Easy Ways to Improve Your Basketball Shooting Percentage

Updated on August 13, 2008

Here are SIX quick and easy basketball shooting tips that will immediately improve your shooting percentage:

  1. Take only good shots. This might sound trivial, but ask any successful coach, and they’ll tell you that the subtle concept of shot selection can be the difference between a good shooting percentage and a GREAT shooting percentage! A good shot is one that is in your range, that makes sense in the game situation, and that you feel confident about making. As an example, if you’re a great mid-range shooter, learn how to get open for more mid-range shots.
  2. Groove your shooting stroke with fifty form shots very close to the basket daily. This simple technique serves several important purposes. It’s great for your confidence because you are making shot after shot. Seeing the ball go in the basket over and over gives you a mental edge and can help you get in the “zone”. It forces you to finish your follow-through high, which is a critical part of establishing an effective shot arc. You learn to focus on the rim target because from that range, there is hardly anything at all in your visual field to distract you.
  3. Locate the rim earlier. Your eyes should be on the target (the rim) early. Just by getting in the habit of locating your target earlier will help you improve your shooting percentage. This simple little trick works. If you think about it, locating the rim just a split second earlier gives your brain more time to subconsciously calculate distance focus on your objective. It’s completely unconscious. To make this work you need to develop this habit in practice, which carries over into games.
  4. Finish your follow through with the rim clearly visible beneath the fingers of your shooting hand. That way you will ensure that you have a decent arch on the shot. Shots with proper arch have a much better chance of going in.
  5. Spend a little time each practice lined up along a court line about twenty feet from a partner, shooting back and forth and trying to have the ball bounce as close to the line as possible. This simply practice technique will help you fine tune your control of the straightness of your shot.
  6. Stop thinking about your shot during games. Relax and rely on your practice habits to take care of your mechanics. Thinking is for practice, and even then, only certain types of thinking patterns are helpful.

These are things you can do right away and expect to benefit from. During the season, doing these simple things will help you maximize the effectiveness of whatever type of shot motion you currently have.

Of course becoming a GREAT shooter takes lots of practice and effort. But the above tips are good things that can be done quickly and easily. If you want to become a superstar you’ll need to develop great form, learn everything you can about shooting, and practice ALL the time!


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      Jason Roatan 8 years ago

      great tips man

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      good luc ima try it 9 years ago

      good look ima try it

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      Sean 9 years ago

      Great Tips. Looking For More To Come.

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      prathyu 10 years ago

      u r 2 gud in basketball tips

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      Ebay Made Easy 10 years ago from The Great up North

      Nice Hub, Keep up the good work!