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Increasing Your Search Engine Ranking

Updated on May 6, 2008

Few tips to improve Search engine ranking

To succeed in your business , it's very essential that you have your own web site. And high search engine ranking for your website is a key to success. I here to tell you how you can increase your ranking in google, yahoo or Microsoft Live search.

Most of the people uses search engines like google or yahoo to search some products or services. Attracting such huge targated peoples to your site using search engines increase your your business. But for this your page ranking must be very high.The higher your page comes up in search engine results, the greater the traffic that is directed to your website.

So to increase your search engine ranking here are few tips -

1]Title Bar - you must include most important keywords or phrases on your homepage's title bar and also on subsuquent pages title bars.

2]Content - The most important thing on which your sites page ranking is higle dependent. Enter original quality content on youe site. This content must contains important keywords that users uses for serach in search engines. If possible try to put atleast 100 and above keywords in your content. Try to highlight some important words.

3]Avode Graphics - Try to avoide graphics format. Keep your content in plane text.

4]Create a site map which points all part of your site, which will be helpful for your users as well as secr engines.Submit a xml sitemap file at Google webmaster tools.

5]Avoide cookies, Javascript, frames , flash files or DHTML. May be search engine spiders avoide your content as they may have trouble crawling your site.

6]Don't use hidden text or hidden links on your site.

7]Submit your site to relevant directories such as the Open Directory Project and Yahoo Directory.

8]Submit your site to Google at

9]Try to avode participate in link schemes designed to increase your site's ranking or PageRank. But you can provide links to social bookmarking site like Myspace,Facebook etc.

Your sites' Search engine rankings are extremely important for a successful Internet marketing campaign. So try taking some of the simple steps listed above, and see if you can't increase your rankings yourself. Remember, the higher your search engine ranking, the more quality customers will be directed your way.

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