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Inspired to Action

Updated on February 10, 2008

Change Your focus, change your results

We often want to changes things in our life but have a lot of difficulty taking action. We know what we need to do, it is just that we have trouble doing what we need to do.

Everyone understands what needs to be done to lose weight. Most people understand what it takes to be more successful in life and business. So why is it so difficult to achieve our goals?

One of the reasons is we focus on the wrong thing. Take losing weight for example. We focus on the things we need to do, exercise more and eat less. But those things have negative emotional attachment.

Instead of focusing on the tasks we must do, we need to focus on the experience we will have as a result of doing the task. Back to the weight loss program. If instead of focusing on eating less and exercising more, we focused on the results we would get, the emotional high that would come from losing weight, it would be much easier to do the things we needed to do. If you can feel the experience of having people tell you how great you look, if yoiu can feel the experience of more energy, feeling better about yourself, then you can have the drive to do what it takes.

Sheer willpower is rarely enough to give us the drive to do a difficult task. We need emotional attachment to the expected outcome to provide that drive. But we rarely focus on the outcome. Instead we focus on the tasks that we must do. Generally there is negative emotion attached to doing difficult task. If feels like work. It is not easy. Therefore we need some strong emotional attachment to overcome the natural resistance toward the task.

If you want to increase your business you probably know the things you need to do. But there is some fear or resistance keeping you from doing the things you know you need to do. By focusing on the task rather than the results that will accrue as a result, you are holding yourself back. Focus on the benefits of taking action, not the action itself.

If you can shift your focus from the action to the benefits, you will find it much easier to do the things you need to do to acheive the results you want to achieve. Success only comes after taking action. No matter what your goal, you must take action. But if your success is being held back by lack of action, try shifting your focus. If you can maintain your focus on the results, the emotional well being that will result from the actions, the actions should be much easier to take. You should have the emotional drive to take action. If you take action, measure your results and then make the appropriate adjustments based on the measurement, success will be assured.


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