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I Remember ( A Deep Poem)

Updated on May 23, 2007

Just me.....

I Remember

I remember all to well,

The day my life went to hell.

Walking through the store that day,

Hearing what they had to say.

The news came as such a shock,

I fell to the floor and begun to rock.

Your brother was shot and it looks real bad,

I remember my friends were sad.

The fear I felt when I heard the news,

Waiting and wondering I sat with your crew.

I prayed with all my might,

That for your life you would fight.

But on that day you went away,

Never again would we play.

I remember all to well,

The day my life went to hell.

The day you left me all alone,

To face this world on my own.

In my dreams you remain,

I see your face in the rain.

I missed you then and I miss you now,

Remember when we tipped that cow?

The regrets I hold are mine to keep,

The sorrow I have continues to seep.

Life goes on yes it does,

But you died just because.

A gangsta life is what you chose,

Wearing those colors on your clothes.

We were together since always since the womb,

And now you lie there in your tomb.

My life will never be the same,

I still cry when I hear your name.

I remember all to well,

The day my life went to hell.


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    • profile image

      8 years ago

      hello, I am looking for a school poem. I will not use your poem not becasue failure of emotion but because it is so personal. I would like to give you a pat on the back for what you have written here and let you know i feel for you and good luck in life.