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Internet Love

Updated on November 14, 2008

Ok, for the adults out there, there is nothing wrong with finding someone to squeeze on through the internet. As long as we keep in mind that people who are not as stable as we are roam all corners of the universe, including dating sites. I feel I have to say that we must look to take care of ourselves especially when letting others know we are looking for love. Just like walking down a street that looks perfectly safe, we do not know who is lurking around the corner.

Now, down to business, I really like the idea of internet dating especially considering that I met my husband over the phone, we "dated" via land line for six months before we met and were married 2 months later. However, I don't believe that the services provided are used correctly by some. We lie about ourselves because we think everybody else is lying, (never mind that they actually are). We look for people who fit a mold that society has carved out for us, no matter how abstract we are from that construct.

Or we decide we won't be picky, because after all we are no gems ourselves and we should shower affection on the misunderstood and rejected even if their own mother took a restraining order out on them. We just don't get it that we are worth it. We are the beauty and brains and we don't have to settle. We don't need to worry about finding that special someone if we realize what we truly want and don't back down from that.

But hey, maybe I am out of the loop. Maybe we have grown as a society enough to know that different may be special but not everybody's uniqueness is the special that fits for us.

That is why I like internet dating you can be who you are (self expression baby, yeah). Ask for someone to be who they truly are and remember that you do want the relationship to last.

An opinion by your friendly Universal,



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    • Riley's Outlook profile image

      Riley's Outlook 9 years ago from Midwest

      I think the thing I liked the best about your comment was that you were drawn to guys by the way they wrote. To me that says that you were "tapping" into who you are. After all writing is apart of you.

      I believe that if we (men and women) start accessing who we are we'll get what we want and a person who truely understands us.

      Thanks for the insight

    • Marisa Wright profile image

      Kate Swanson 9 years ago from Sydney

      I met my husband through an internet dating site (not a chat room). I think they're safer than meeting someone in a bar, because to be on such a site, you have to register and use your credit card to buy credits, so people can't be truly anonymous.

      The big benefit for me, was that I found myself drawn to guys based on the way they wrote, their interests and values (anyone who couldn't express themselves well was off my list straightaway), instead of surface appearance. The man I met and eventually married is very different from the men I'd been getting involved with previously.

      You know how some of us say, "why do I always get involved with the wrong men?" Internet dating broke that cycle for me.