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Investigation: Can I Really Make A Lot Of Money Online?

Updated on June 25, 2008

The next few days will be spent researching whether or not I can truly make money online. I have tried online surveys, only to have my inbox bombarded with SPAM from hell, not to mention, whenever I open something that says, "Hey take this survey and get $35!" The problem is, it isn't a survey but rather an offer. There are difference between surveys and offers. Surveys ask you endless amounts of questions about a certian topic. Offers mean you sign up for what they present to you. "Get a Free Ipod...sign up now!" Only to have your email entered into a national or rather international email base where SPAM rules. Yesterday my SPAM box had 3,897 messages, all letting me know I can get free cosmetics, I won a $500 gift card to Macys, I can get a FREE Laptop....Yeah right....Offers flood my inbox and I literally cringe when I open it.

Whew! I do realize there are legitimate places that pay well to type documents and read email. What I don't like to read is an "offer" that states I can makes thousands of dollars and get out of debt...but first I should send $500 to get started. Listen up....if I am broke beforehand, I don't hardly think I am going to GIVE someone $500 of my hard earned dollars to have a list sent to me of places willing to pay top dollar for a job!

Pyramid schemes, are they beneficial? I have stumbled across sites that offer pyramid schemes, but it is confusing and contrived. Too many loopholes and hoops to jump through just to make a dollar. I'm sure if I sold an air conditioner to a company, signed one of my friends, and they sold and air conditioner to someone and they signed someone, it would be beneficial. However, in this day and age, people can't afford groceries and gas...let alone an air conditioner!

I signed up for Google Adsense, and Amazon Associates. I now have an aStore through Amazon (kinda cool) so once I get the word out about that, I would love to see what it generates. Since America is experiencing a deficit with the economy, I know it is asking too much to buy a cd, but the added perk with this don't have to waste your gas driving to the store! The widget for my aStore is embedded at the bottom of my page! Happy Shopping!

My next venture is blogging for cash. Here is where I might experience a potential problem, because I generally don't have that much to say, yet I am signed up with about 10 blog sites, that pay. Now I have to think of ideas to blog about...this is going to be hard! I am sure however, that with patience and perseverance, I can eventually make some money with a blog...and maybe even get back into my initial passion which was writing.

I will look into Social Networking as well because I generally receive about 30 emails a day from FaceBook concerning it. My question is can I really make money adding friends to my friend's list? Will this increase my bank account, or just my friend's list? (The messages always read, "Social Networking Makes Money For You...") So does this mean my newfound friends give me jobs or money? (this is worth looking into!)

My investigation will consist of companies dead set on flooding my inbox with offers and options. I will add to this post once it is completed.


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    • CynthiaP profile image

      Cynthia Papin 9 years ago from Denver, CO

      Thanks! I will update this Hub as my investigation continues...

    • pgupta profile image

      pgupta 9 years ago

      You are really speaking the truth. But not all the sites are spam in the net. I myself got paid from a survey site, though not a very large amount. Waiting to hear from you more