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Is Milk Good For You?

Updated on June 2, 2008

Is Milk Good For You?

Milk - Is It Good For You?

I decided to do a short research about milk and share it here because I have often heard people talking about the importance of milk. I personally do drink a lot of milk therefore I decided to look more into whether milk is really healthy for us.

Milk as Fat Burning Food

Studies have shown that over a period of half a year, a group of overweight people who drank 3 cups of high calcium milk per day lost more fats than another group of people who drank only 1 cup per day. The researchers from University of Tennessee also realised that calcium supplements are less effective than milk in burning fats, because in milk, there are other compounds like proteins that helps to accelerate the rate of fat burning.

Thus, mlik do actually help to burn fats.

Milk For Buildling Muscle

As many of you already know it, yes, milk does actually helps to build muscle. It is actually one of the best muscle building food. The protein in milk are divided as follows - 80% whey protein, 20% casein protein. For those that may not know, whey protein is actually quality protein which not only helps to build muscle fast due to it being able to get absorbed quickly, it also helps to increase the level of anti-oxidants in your body and improves your immune system. Casien protein on the other hand, digests more slowly, which is also essential to the body, as your body needs steady supply of little amount of protein.

Thus, milk is effective in helping to build muscle!

Now that you know that milk is actually a very healthy source of food, you ought to drink more milk! Some of you might be thinking, skim milk or whole milk?

Skim of Whole?

This depends on your taste. Many scientific studies have shown that whole milk helps to increase cholesterol levels - which is essential. It has also been found that consuming a diet rich in whole milk helps to decrease the level of triglycerides, which contributes to heart dieseases.

Conclusion: Be it skim milk or whole milk, drinking 2 to 3 glasses a day lowers the possiblity of heart attack and stroke.

Therefore, milk your way to a healthy life!


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    • KimmiS profile image

      KimmiS 6 years ago from Vancouver, Canada

      Increasing cholesterol is bad for your health (assuming you are talking about the HDL that is in milk and other animal products).

      Also, I find it hard to believe that 2% milk (which is actually 35% fat by calorie intake) burns fat.

      I lost 10 pounds by doing nothing other than removing dairy from my diet.