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Is Politician The New Gay Stereotype Instead Of Hairdresser?

Updated on November 5, 2007

At This Point The New Gay Stereotype Should Be Politicians Not Hairdressers! - Don't Get Me Started!

For as long as I can remember us gays have been stereotyped as limp-wristed, Paul Lynde talking, pink triangle, leather wearing queens. Well thanks to all the Republicans pretty soon, no longer will we be seen as the hairdresser you can dish with and get fashion tips from over lunch. No, with all the Republican and political scandals going (you'll pardon the expression) down recently, at this point the new gay stereotype should be politicians not hairdressers! - Don't Get Me Started!

Let's face it, with Queer Eye finally off the air we should get ready for one of the cable networks to unleash "Gay Guys In The GOP!" (Instead of GOP standing for "Grand Old Party" it's going to stand for "Gay Old Poops!") That's right, no longer the fashionista stereotype that we gays are associated with, these are going to be a bunch of old white men who think a red tie with their navy suit is daring. Each week we'll see the politicians tackle challenges ranging from trying to get into the "cabinet" of the guy they put in their cabinet (who had no qualifications - are you listening Jim McCreepey?) to the "fast round" challenge to see how fast you can text with a Senate page. The winner each week gets to scrawl their name on the golden public restroom stall wall and gets their choice of a gay meth addicted masseuse to take on a secret getaway to the nearest public restroom of their choice.

I'm kidding (kind of) but what shocks me is how NOT shocking all these supposed scandals have become anymore. I barely raise an eyebrow when I see the headlines. What about the twenty-six year old kid who claims he wasn't really a prostitute though he was trying to get $1,000 out of Republican Richard Curtis for getting into him unprotected? You know, Republican Richard Curtis who was supposedly wearing women's underwear during the alleged romantic encounter with that big 1970's porn star mustache? What was he going for? The Lou Jacobi in drag look from Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sex?

The question at this point is how many times does it have to happen before instead of shocking it becomes a cliché? No one feels worse than I do about the children who were molested by priests but would you be shocked today if you heard of another one being outed as a molester? Me either and my point exactly.

The problem is as I've said a million times before, it just makes it harder on us garden variety average gays. I wouldn't have a very high opinion of gays either if all I saw of them was from airport restrooms and chasing boys who wanted to learn about politics but only learned how kissing the ass (literally) of a Senator will get you everywhere. But maybe that's exactly what the politicos want us to see, hmm? Maybe by outing their fellow conservatives they're really just sacrificing them for the cause. Have they become political Perez Hiltons outing their own? After all, every scandal you hear about the politician in question has had his sexuality questioned for years so even in a "wink, wink, nudge, nudge" way more people knew about these guys than the tricks they picked up in alleyways. Perhaps we're playing right into their hands when they allow their pals to fall on the sword of a twenty-something boy publicly? They get exactly what they want. Homosexual sex is shown as something disgusting and dirty which makes even the more moderate conservatives cringe as well as some of us liberals and dare I say...gays! If gay sex is only seen as dirty than how could anyone possibly let Leonard and Bill have a white wedding? I'm not a conspiracy theorist on the whole so I'll just let Oliver Stone take it from here.

What is undeniable is that we gays who were once seen as drag queens, flight attendants and interior decorators are getting a facelift most of us don't want. Who wants their face to be that of a closeted negligee Norman only looking for sex in restrooms and adult bookstores? I'm not saying that some of us don't do these things (and frankly if it's between two consenting adults, I could care less) but if you gave me a choice, I'd rather go back to being thought of as the sophisticated Charles Nelson Riley smoking my pipe and being terribly witty on Match Game than looking like Senator Larry Craig! Unfortunately, we don't get to make the choice of how we're seen from the media's lens so all we can do is try to show those around us who and what we are and how scary we aren't while the politicians keep coming out (like it or not for all of us). At this point the new gay stereotype should be politicians not hairdressers! - Don't Get Me Started!

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